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Why Pay for an Ad on when I can get free or low cost ad's elsewhere? The #1 reason is we have a target audience who trusts our resources. Because we charge a realistic price for our ad's, there are not 1,000 charter ad's on our site. Too many choices can be confusing for potential customers. If the customer sees fewer ads, they are more apt to make a quick decision and pick one. If you are the first to advertise for your area, you will be on top of the list, increasing your chances of booking the charter. Less is more in this case. Get a big discount on advertising when you purchase a Directory Ad and a Display Ad Combo pack. Click to open the Charter Boat Directory page to view it live.

Your ad pays for itself after only 1 booking!

Directory Ad Choices

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North West
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North Central
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Central West
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South West
Isles of Capri
Dark Thirty Charters - DELUXE AD Location Pelican Bend Marina, 219 Capri Blvd, Naples, FL 34113
Vessel Dark Thirty — 26' Mako Center Console, (2) Outboard Motors
Areas Naples, Marco Island, 10,000 Islands, Offshore
We Catch Snook, Snapper, Flounder, Grouper, Shark
Captain Jeffrey Allen Smith, US Coast Guard Master, Licensed & Insured
Phone 000-000-000
Cell 000-000-0000 Ad ID 01-1011-D
Website Coming Soon! Email
Enjoy a fun and exciting day fishing with Captain Jeff on Dark Thirty. Explore inshore fishing spots or take a longer run offshore to catch large grouper, snapper, cobia, shark, and other species. Captain Jeff knows all the great fishing spots and will show you his secrets.
For the non-fishing crowd, bring your camera, Captain Jeff would be happy to take you exploring the 10,000 islands to see dolphins and wild life. Come join us on Dark Thirty for a stress free trip!
Linebreaker Charters - REGULAR AD Location Pelican Bend Marina, 219 Capri Blvd, Naples, FL 34113
Vessel Linebreaker
Areas Offshore Southwest Florida Gulf of Mexico, The Keys
We Catch Snook, Snapper, Flounder, Grouper, Cobia, Dolphin, Shark
Captain John "JR" Rossetti
Cell 000-000-000 Ad ID 02-1011-F
Website Coming Soon! Email
Star Charter Ad - Half AD Star Charter Ad - Half AD
Location Pelican Bend Marina, 219 Capri Blvd, Naples, FL 34113 Location Pelican Bend Marina, 219 Capri Blvd, Naples, FL 34113
Vessel Happy Feet - 23' Mako with Yamaha 4 stroke Vessel Happy Day - 40' Yellowfin (2) Yamaha 250 High End Rods
Areas Offshore Southwest Florida Gulf of Mexico, The Keys Areas Offshore Southwest Florida Gulf of Mexico, The Keys
Captain Jack Hook - US Coastguard Master, 20 Years Experience Captain Jack Hook, Licensed & Insured
Phone 000-000-0000 Email Phone 000-000-000 Email
Website Ad ID 03-0911-F Website Ad ID 04-0911-F
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North East
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Central East
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South East
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The Keys

4 Easy Steps For Placing Your Ad

Steps to Order Your Chart Boat Ad 1. Select Ad and click the PayPal button to pay
(you only need a credit card to buy, a PayPal account is optional)
2. Fill out the Sign Up Form, click Submit
3. Send your photos via Email
4. We Design Your Ad

Be the 1st to advertise in your Region and your ad will always be on top! 1st Come, 1st Serve basis for all ad placements.

Check Mark for Step 1Step 1 - Select Your Ad & Pay

AD Features & Pricing
Included Directory Ad Features Half Regular Deluxe Display Only
Ad Size 1/2 Column Full Column Full Column 160x160
Company Name check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon  
Location - City, Marina, Address check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon  
Vessel - describe boat, motors, equipment check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon  
Area - what areas you will take clients check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon  
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Email - Live link to Email check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon  
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We Catch - what fish you commonly catch   check mark icon check mark icon  
Picture - 250x150 pix maximum   check mark icon check mark icon  
Long Description - Up to 5 lines of text     check mark icon  
Right Column Graphic Ad visable at all times       check mark icon
Your pictures with link on Charter Boat Bites, etc. check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon
Promote charter businesses in Newsletter, etc. check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon check mark icon
Annual Price for Charter Directory Ad Not Available $ 50 $ 70 $ 100**

Please pay by credit card. We use PayPal to process payments. You do not need a PayPal account to pay, just a credit card.
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Check mark Step 3Step 3 - Send Us Your Ad Picture or Request a Quote

picture iconYou must submit your pictures separately via Email link below. If you have a picture on your website that you want us to use, tell us exactly which picture and where it is with a link to the page on your website in the Message box above. Be sure to indicate your business name in the Email that contains your pictures.


Upload photo's or Request a Quote by EMAIL


Invoices & Payments

If you prefer, we can generate an invoice via PayPal and Email it to you. When you get our email invoice just click the Buy Now or Pay Now button in the Email to pay your invoice. Payment for ads must be received before ads go live on the website. You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card.


Ad Specifications

  • Be the first to advertise in your Region and you will always be on top! 1st come, 1st serve basis for ad placements
  • Rates are per Year beginning the 1st day of the following month ad is placed - you get the balance of this month free!
  • Ad text must fit within allowed space
  • Directory pictures maximum size 250x150 pixels. We will format the picture for you if you can't size it yourself.
  • Ad Listing Order - Ads will be listed under each County/City category in the following order:
    Region then City then Deluxe 1st, Regular 2nd, Half 3rd
  • Directory and Display Package purchases are displayed FIRST. Be the 1st to advertise and always be on top!
  • Display Only Charter Boat ads are positioned in column on 1st come, 1st serve basis.
  • Google Ad Choice directory will be located below paid Display ad's in right column - after we sell enough ads to fill the space we will removed these ad's
  • DISPLAY Ad pricing on this page is for the Charter Boat Directory only and ad's are ALWAYS ON TOP. Maximum size 160x200 pixels.
  • You can use your Graphic DISPLAY ad for your Directory Listing photo; or use a boat picture for directory listing and graphic for column ad.

Click to open the Charter Boat Directory page to view it live. See our Advertising page for standard rates and other advertising options.

"No Follow" Links

In 2012 Google has cracked down on the policy of Link Exchange Programs due to widespread abuse. Google ranks websites based on "natural links" and paid-ad's obviously are not natural. We suggest all advertisers make their paid ad's "No Follow" which is easily done by us adding simple code to the link to your site. We will not do this unless you request it, so let us know if you want your links this way.

Included With All Paid Ad's

  • Promotion of your business in our Newsletter and Webpages:
    • Charter Boat Bites - we will make a section of pictures for your business with links to your website
    • Bragging Rights! - we will feature 2 great pictures of your catches with a link to your website
    • Catch of the Month - we will feature 1 great fishing catch with links to your website
    • Fish Species Pages - we will feature photo's of species at our discretion on our species pages with a link to your website, see our Saltwater Species page for examples
    • Funky Fishing Pictures - we will feature 2 fun pictures with links to your website
    • Cool Pictures - we will select some great pictures of your catches and feature them in a monthly newsletter with a link to your website (see our Newsletter Archives for examples, select March for a good example)
    • Special Newsletter Issues - if we feature a certain type of fishing and you provide the service along with pictures for us to use, we will feature your business in this issue of the Newsletter (example Lobstering or Scalloping)
  • We promote & encourage the use of Charter Boat's throughout the website with links back to the Charter Directory page and through outside advertising venues. Your advertising dollars don't stop at the page you advertise on!
  • As a paying advertiser you will be allowed to promote your service on our Forum.
  • We offer deep discounts on ad's placements on pages like "Scalloping" or "Lobstering" for companies that offer this type of charter. Contact us and tell us which pages, type of ad - text or graphic display - and we will work out a price.
  • We will be updating the Hotels page in the future and plan to put links to local charter boats under each section that will be included with all paid ads.

Our Newsletter has an Open Rate of over 35%, the industry average is only 12%. Our website has a Return Rate of almost 40%, well above industry average of 15%. You will get great exposure advertising with!

We Want You to Succeed! Ways to Increase Your Charter Business

Other ways to increase your exposure on our website:

  • Get your business listing in our Charter Boat Directory!
  • No website? No problem. Increase your business with a Webpage on our site - Great Annual Prices - Free setup, unlimited text & pictures with Deluxe Directory listing included! See Advertising page for details.
  • Get seen on over 100 pages with a Display Ad on our standard pages. This is the #1 choice for maximum exposure.
  • Purchase a Display Ad on topic pages such as the Offshore or Reefs & Shipwrecks.
  • FREE - Get recognition and links to your website and/or Email by writing an Article for our Tips & Tricks section. All articles must be on one topic with detailed content.
  • FREE - Submit Fishing Reports on our Forum under your region and promote your business. If you are shy to using a Forum, submit the report to us and we will create a user ID for you and post it for you. You get Free recognition and Free advertising for your charter business.
  • FREE - Write an article for our website or monthly newsletter. Again, we offer free links to your business.
  • FREE - Join our Forum and answer questions, promote your business through interaction with users.
  • FREE - Submit pictures for our Catch of the Month, Bragging Rights or Fish Species pages. We will give you a link under the caption and write about the catch. You do not have to buy and ad to submit pictures.
  • FREE - Arrange to have a Mermaid of the Month picture taken on your charter boat for a great marketing ad. We will post your picture on Florida Go Fishing's Mermaid of the Month webpage for Free. This is a very popular page giving you great exposure.

We offer discounts for multiple ad's and prepaying for multiple years.

Submit your Article & Pictures on our Contact us. Thank you for considering advertising on our website.


Florida Go Fishing is not liable for content provided by advertiser for advertisements published and does not accept responsibility for any claim made against the publisher. It is the advertisers responsibility to obtain appropriate releases on any item or individuals pictured in ads or editorials.

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