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Women writing on a laptop while sitting on a dockWe invite writers or guest authors to contribute to our website. We have a lofty goal of covering the whole State of Florida in detail which will take years to complete without your help. We need articles and information to educate & entertain our audience of mature experienced anglers, boaters, and divers.

Contributors are need to create original content that is either a detailed full page OR paragraphs that contribute to current/future pages. Below is our Wish List with details on what we are looking for. Choose whatever topic floats your boat. We will be very grateful for any contribution you make to our growing website.

Win - Win! Writers who have a website or blog will be rewarded with links back to your site. If you don't have a website we can include your name and/or Email address so you get credit for your hard work.

Our goal is to educate our audience with "how to" information, WHERE to fish, ethical angling and boating, and to help people have an enjoyable experience on our waters. Many visitors are non-residents of Florida that do not know the rules nor where to fish, so our goal is to educate them to protect our Florida fisheries and the environment.


Wish List graphic with sun and waterArticle Wish List

This is our Wish list of articles and webpages that need to be written. We are also open to ideas on topics that our readers may be interested in. The sky is the limit! See our Sitemap page for a listing of existing and planned pages (indicated by having no links). If an article is marked (Assigned!) it means someone is already working on the topic, so please choose another.

Locations Pages

Our plan for the location pages is to make one page per area. On each page indicate where you can fish from land, backwaters and inshore. For an example of how we want to present the locations see The City of Naples page. Included should be tips on access, parking, local rules, and whatever information that would be helpful to an angler new to the area. We made The City of Naples page by taking pictures while walking the areas, taking pictures of road signs, entrances, and anglers fishing. See our Sitemap page for a listing of planned pages.

Visit a site, take pictures, write a short paragraph, then submit your findings. Don't forget addresses.

We split the state into 9 regions:

  • Northwest
  • North Central
  • Central West
  • Southwest
  • Central
  • The Keys
  • Southeast
  • Central East
  • Northeast

Our goal here is to inform people of where they can fish on public property legally with easy access. By providing many places we spread the anglers around so everyone is not fishing the same areas, especially tourists. Please do not include areas like a canal right next to a major highway where fishing would be dangerous or an area where there is no parking. Local neighborhood secret spots should remain secret.

Fishing Piers / Beaches / Launch Sitesfishing pier

Our Fishing Pier Directory, Floirida Beaches Directory, Boat Kayak Launch Directory are organized by region/county. We need locals to visit sites and write a paragraph about fishing them and take pictures. We will give you credit on each paragraph you submit information on. See the pages above that are started.

NOTE: The Launch Site pages need pictures & paragraphs, we just assembled what we have found so far on this page but the goal is for the page to be line the Pier & Beaches pages.

Include County/City, Pier Name, Address, Telephone and Picture(s) of people fishing if possible. Include a paragraph on tips for fishing the site such as no shark fishing or no chumming allowed, time to go, parking, ammenities of site, etc.

Reefs & Wrecks

We plan to make a page for each Region on Reefs & Wrecks. The sites are listed on our GPS Coordinates pages and can include artificial reefs, natural reefs, and historical wrecks. We will link from the GPS Coordinates page to the reefs & wrecks information page. We need research and a paragraph written on each wreck. Provide pictures and links to pictures of wrecks found on the internet. We have already done a lot of research and have links to information, so please request our list to save you time during research. We will give you credit on each wreck you submit information on. Include a paragraph on tips for fishing the wrecks. Here is our first page started Southeast Reefs & Wrecks.

Parks & Preserves

We plan to make a page for each Region on Parks & Preserves. See our first page Southwest Parks & Preserves for an example of how we will assemble your submissions of paragraph(s) for this section,

Inshore Fishing

We need a whole page like our Offshore page. We have one started and will send it to you as a starting point.

Backwaters & Flats Fishing

We need a whole page like our Offshore page. We have one started and will send it to you as a starting point.


1. We started a page but have not published it yet so if you are interested in writing a Kayaking page I will send you what is started. We would like details on kayaking & kayak fishing in Florida. One webpage like our Offshore page that has sections including but not limited to:kayaking on torquoise water

  • Kayaking description which includes inshore, parks, freshwater
  • Types of Kayaks
  • Kayak Fishing Equipment
  • Essential Kayak Gear - equipment like hand held GPS, emergency kit, cooler, hat, sun protection, anchor
  • How to with tips on how to kayak fish
  • Camping on barrier islands - gear, tips

2. We would also like to either include on this page or a separate Tabbed by county page Kayak Parks & Trails around Florida. You could write on places near you and submit paragraphs on you findings. Include County, Wreck Name, Address, Telephone and Picture of people fishing. Include a paragraph on tips for fishing the pier such as no shark fishing or no chumming allowed, time to go, parking, etc.

Fishing Carts

Our Fishing Carts page is one of the most popular pages. We would like to expand this page with diagrams & instructions on how to build your own cart. We also would like more photo's on homemade carts for our Gallery of Fishing Carts.

Freshwater Fishing

This will be a whole section of the website and has not been started yet.

  • We need one general page on Freshwater fishing that includes Where, How, By Boat, From Shore, Equipment
  • A Directory page for Freshwater Lakes & River locations organized by county and similar to the Hotels page. Paragraph submittals on this by locals is encouraged.
  • Species Fishing Tips page with a paragraph on each species with details on how to catch the species, equipment to use, when, etc.

Boat Equipment

We plan a age describing different types of boat equipment that enhance your fishing experience from a boat. Paragraphs on each type detailing what it is, tips on buying one, and how to use it. Topics can include Power Poles, Lights, Trolling Motors, Flats Poles, GPS units, Downriggers, etc. We will include links to buy light from our affiliates on this page so go to Bass Pro Shops, West Marine, Cabela's and look at their products and indicate which ones to include. You can find a product then write about it.

Fishing Lights

A page on fishing light - Why (lights attract fish), Where (your dock, boat), When (tides, moon), Types, Tips on Buying. We will include links to buy light from our affiliates on this page so go to Bass Pro Shops, West Marine, Cabela's and look at their products and indicate which ones to include. You can find a product then write about it.

Leaders, Lures & Bait

A webpage on how to assemble leaders, types of lures, what types to use for the fish you are targeting. How to prepare the bait and bait the hook depending on the bait used.

Lobstering & Scalloping

A webpage for each with detailed information on how to catch or collect them. I have some PDF files on the Tips, Tricks & Tales pages with information. I would like to transform this information into main pages on the site.

Spearfishing & Diving

A webpage on spearfishing and diving. Equipment, types (from the beach, boat, on a wreck, on a reef, drift diving), regulations, etc.

Tips, Tricks & Tales

This section is for information helpful to our readers. We are open to all types of articles here, take a look at our Tip, Tricks & Tales page for examples of the types of pages included in this section. Note: we have may PDF documents here and if you come across any worthy of inclusion please Email us the link or send us the file.

Boat Insurance

There was a boat that suddenly and unexpectidly blew up on the coast of Marco Island February 2012. The damages according to the newspaper were huge due to smoke damage at the condo where the smoke was pushed into units by onshore winds. If this boat owner did not have full coverage it would have destroyed him. So I would like this story citied and an article on why boat insurance is important. This could go under the Reel News Casts section if it is written soon.

Rare Fish of Florida

The Sawfish, Sturgeon, Whale Sharks, etc. A paragraph for each fish. Include Description, Habitat, How to Release, and other information on them. I have information on the Whale Shark already on the website, so we may combine this information on the page.

Reel News Casts

This section is for interesting news stories about fishing, fish, boating, kayaking, wildlife, or any other subject of interest to our readers. They must be real stories about current events. We are open to any topic and below are a few we would like written.

Sawfish of Florida

Sawfish are caught and released by anglers around Florida year round. A man in Miami was criticized for beaching a Sawfish to release it in January 2012. We would like a story similar to Profits from a Dead Whale Shark but use a different focus for the article.

  • Recount this news story
  • Talk about other sawfish caught recently
  • Give information on the Sawfish, FWC's website has a lot of information on this species
  • Catch & Release tips for Sawfish
  • Info on where to report catches for scientific documentation

Florida Fish DNA Testing by Anglers

FWC has kits for anglers to tag Tarpon and other species and detailed information on their website. Write about the program, a paragraph on each species, and links to how to pages on FWC's website that show step by step pictures.


Writing Guidelines

  • pad and pencilArticles must be original content. Recounting news, articles, web content cannot be copy/pasted — content must be re-written in your own words.
  • Our style of writing is casual, informal, and seeded with light humor where appropriate.
  • Leave No Traces, Catch and Release fishing, ethical angling, and environmental awareness should be stressed in a subtle way through out articles.
  • Writing can be detailed full page, one topic articles or paragraph sections to be included on existing pages.
  • The more details, the better to educate and entertain our readers. Use reliable websites for research such as
  • Permission must be obtained of any person whose full mug shot is on the picture. No permission is needed if you take back shots or the faces are not clearly identifiable. If you take a picture of a boat we will remove the registration numbers before posting.
  • We prefer photo's taken with your own camera but will accept pictures from the internet if the source link is provided which will be used as a caption under the picture. No pictures from commercial sites like stock photo's, news sites, or large organizations. Government agencies are OK to use and are usually for public use.
  • We cannot offer compensation for articles but we will give you credit for your hard work by including with your content your name and link back to your website or blog. This is a Win-Win for both of us. For full page articles you are encouraged to write a short biography about your self as a closing paragraph. You will get great exposure on our busy website.
  • We reserve the right to decline articles that do not meet our website standards.
  • Placement of articles on the website is at our discretion and may be edited with or without your approval (indicate your preference when submitting articles).
  • Any content submitted to Florida Go Fishing becomes property of this website and is protected under international copyright laws.


Submitting Articles

  • Articles should be submitted within the body of an Email with pictures attached and links directly on words.
  • Pictures within the body of the article must also be "attached" to Emails, we need the originals. If you cannot put the pictures inside the em ail within the article then indicated where pictures should be placed, example [picture of fish here]. If you cannot include the picture in the body AND attach the pictures then send a separate Email with only the pictures attached.
  • Pictures with links within articles should be indicated as follows:
    >> [picture of red drum] [] The Red Drum regulations have changed as of .....
  • Text links should be made in the Email body. Most Email programs allow you to place links on text. If you cannot include links on text then place the link information directly following words to be linked and enclose them in brackets, example:
    >> The regulations [] for Red Drum ....

Example of Email submission:

example of email with article submission

How to document in your Email other types of links:

    • Map link — Semore Ramp is located in Cambier Park [ firefox-a&fb=1&gl=us&hq=cambier+park&hnear= 0x88dae19b73c2d7ad:0x673f5318d72c9aaa,
      Naples,+FL&cid=0,0,7294575434686133657&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A] and is open daily until sundown.
    • iframe Map or You Tube Video on page —<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";client=firefox-a&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;q=map+cambier+park+naples&amp;fb=1&amp;gl=us&amp;hq=
      <br /><small><a href=";client=firefox-a&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;q=map+cambier+park+naples&amp;fb=1&amp;gl=us&amp;hq=
      26.139873,-81.796962&amp;spn=0.006295,0.006295&amp;source=embed" style="
      color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>


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