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See who has the best fishing catch for the month in Florida. Every month we bring you the best of the best catches. Big fish, little fish, and unusual fish. Catch and Release fish pictures too. Join the fun and send us your pictures.

Gulf Red Grouper off Englwood Beach

July 2017 - Jennifer C. caught a lot of fish on a fishing trip with her parents off Englewood Beach. This red grouper is a beauty!

woman holding a red grouper on a boat in the gulf of mexico off naples


40 lb Cobia Caught in Sarasota County

June 2017 - Nick S. caught this amazing Cobia in the Myakka River. The fish was just over 40 inches and weighing in at an estimated 40 plus lbs.It was caught and let go free.


60 lb Wahoo 60 miles off Johns Pass, Madeira Beach

May 2017 - A few of us headed out for the first day of Snapper season and my Dad's annual Birthday fishing trip. My dad has always been the "Just one more cast" fisherman. After loading up our limit of snapper in 30 minutes, we decided to try another spot to catch some grouper. My dad like always said ok just one more drop down. He got about 20ft down and stopped the line to grab a drink before reeling up his next snapper. When he turned around to dig into the cooler his line took off! the fish ran straight to the top and away from the boat so we knew it wasn't a snapper! Back and forth, under and around the boat and one time around the anchor line (Luckily we worked as a team and handed the rod under the anchor line so we didn't get broken off. We finally saw color and it was a huge 60lb Wahoo! Being the biggest fish we have ever caught on our boat we thought it was only right to use the side door to pull the fish through. After it was all said and done, it was a great birthday memory and an awesome fish story! - Dustin C.

man holding a wahoo fish on a boat


125 lb Tarpon off Sanibel Island

Feb 2017 - Jack of Bonita Springs caught this 125 pound tarpon off Sanibel Island on a sunny day during a slack tide.

man on a boat holding a huge tarpon


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. Nurse Shark caught off Naples
Marcel from Naples caught this 200 lb Nurse Shark 5 miles offshore of Marco Island. It took 4 hours to land this near record size shark.
See our webpage How to Fillet a 200 lb Shark for more pictures of this big catch.

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