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Have you ever caught a fish and have no idea what it is? There are thousands of species of fish, mammals & reptiles that inhabit Florida waters, most are not targeted by anglers. Divers see beautiful ornamental species that most anglers never see. We created this page to educate anglers on unusual species they may come across on their angling adventures. Visit Species Directory for more species.

southern stargazer face with big teeth closeup of a huge hermit crab 21 inch gafftopsail catfish on a sink 2 atlantic threadfins remora fish on roof of boat
Southern Stargazer Hermit Crab Gafftopsail Catfish Atlantic Threadfin Remora


bobbit worm emerges from its hole in the sea floor snook fish in the water baby kemp rigley sea turtle lionfish in the water atlantic stingray in the water
Bobbit Worm Snook Kemp Rigley Sea Turtle Lionfish Atlantic Stingray


colorful oar fish in the water sooty sea hare in the water under a dock searobin juvenile filefish longnose batfish
Oarfish Sooty Sea Hare Searobin Filefish Longnose Batfish


If you have a picture of an unusual fish, please Email it to us with the location you caught or photographed it. We will give you credit and a link to your website if you have one.

If you catch a rare or unusual fish in Florida waters, please report it to: