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Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingHernando County offers fishing and diving opportunities with many artificial reefs located only a few miles from shore. Hernando Beach and the 31,000 acres Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge off excellent Tarpon fishing along with the usual inshore suspects. Hernando County has an excellent brochure showing their artificial reefs with headings.
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Site ID / Reef Name Materials / Description Latitude Longitude D R
HR-1 Aripeka Channel Entrance Light 16' Tripod Light at end of Aripeka Channel 6s Flashing 2827.4 8244.6    
HR-2 Gomez Rocks S Pilings with Rocks in between 2829.59 8243.79    
HR-3 Gomez Rocks N Pilings with Rocks in between 2829.8 8243.7    
HR-4 Minnow Creek Inlet GPS Waypoint Hernando Beach 2829.817 8239.967    
HR-5 Reef Ball Reef 2 26 Bay Balls 50 Pallet 2 Reef Balls 2829.987 8258.435 25 5
HR-6 Reef Ball Reef 1 65 Bay Balls 19 Pallet Balls 23 Reef Balls 2830.035 8258.7 25 5
HR-7 Reef Ball Reef Yellow Buoy over 180 Reef Balls in 14 mile radius 2830.08 8258.48 29  
HR-8 Billy Steele South Rack Submerged Ruins and Light OCC 3c ON 1s OFF 2830.3 8246.8    
HR-9 Richardson Reef Concrete Rubble from Sunshine Skyway Bridge 2830.5 8255.8 20 8
HR-10 AH Richardson Buoy Yellow Buoy 2830.5 8255.8 20  
HR-11 Cutter Rock Danger Rocks 6s Flashing Light 2830.9 8250    
HR-12 Bill Watts Tripod Quick Flashing Light at end of Hernando Beach Channel 2831 8242.54    
HR-13 Hernando Beach Turn Light 16' Tripod Light 3 second Flashing light 2831.25 8243.5    
HR-14 AH Richardson Concrete Culverts and Bridge Rubble 2831.484 8255.144 18  
HR-15 Bendickson Reef - Tank 9 Hernando Tank 2831.62 8258.62 26 12
HR-16 Bendickson Reef - Tank 1 Hernando Tank 2831.66 8258.73 26 12
HR-17 Bendickson Reef - Tank 10 Hernando Tank 2831.66 8258.72 26 12
HR-18 Bendickson Reef - Tank 6 Hernando Tank 2831.66 8258.62 26 12
HR-19 Bendickson Reef 2 Concrete Culverts 2831.7 8258.63 25  
HR-20 Middle Rock Updated Sign - Danger Rocks to east 2831.7 82.46.6    
HR-21 Bendickson Tank Reef Buoy Yellow Buoy over tanks in 14 mile radius 2831.71 8258.69 25  
HR-22 Bendickson Reef - Tanks 8 Hernando Tank 8 2831.73 8258.75 26 12
HR-23 Bendickson Reef 1 Concrete Culverts 2831.73 8258.71 25  
HR-24 Bendickson Reef - Tank 2 Hernando Tank 2831.74 8258.75 26 12
HR-25 Bendickson Reef - Tank 5 Hernando Tank 2831.743 8258.597 26 10
HR-26 Bendickson Reef - Tank 4 Hernando Tank 2831.75 8258.63 26 12
HR-27 Bendickson Reef - Tank 7 Hernando Tank 2831.75 8258.67    
HR-28 Bendickson Reef 3 250 sq feet Concrete Culverts 2831.77 8258.65 25  
HR-29 Bendickson Reef 4 215 sq feet Concrete Culverts 2831.774 8258.64 25  
HR-30 Bendickson Reef - Tanks Hernando Tank 2831.784 8258.729 26 10
HR-31 Bayport Channel Entrance Light Updated Light end of Bayport Channel 5s Flashing 2832.8 82.42.6    
HR-32 Saint Martins Reef Bar Reef Area 2833.016 8247.99    
HR-33 Northwest Rocks Island and Rocks 2833.566 8240.867    
HR-34 Bayport North Rack Submerged Ruins to North and West and Light ISO 3s On 3s Off 2833.9 8246.9    
HR-35 Jim Champion Reef 1 650 cubic yards of Concrete Culverts 2836.438 8256.521 20  
HR-36 Jim Champion Reef 2 40'x10'x5' Steel Barge 66 cu yds Concrete Culverts 2836.441 8256.469 20  
HR-37 Jim Champion Reef 3 133 cubic yards Concrete Culverts 2836.443 8256.469 20  
HR-38 Jim Champion Reef 4 100 cubic yards Concrete Culverts 2836.445 8256.469 20  
HR-39 Jim Champion Reef Buoy Yellow Buoy 2836.45 8256.5 20  
HR-40 Fillete 80' Vessel 2837.01 8247 7  
HR-41 Chassahowitzka Channel Entr Entrance to Channel Quick Flashing Light 2839.5 8244.1    
HR-42 Chassahowitzka Reefs Bar Reef Area 2839.983 8240.84    
HR-43 Captain Gil 60' Steel Tug 2840.754 8337.826 78  
HR-44 Jackie M Wreck 2841.51 8260 22  


D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
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