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Thank you for your interest in advertising on FloridaGoFishing.com. Drive targeted traffic right to your website or business from ours!

FloridaGoFishing.com, an America Go Fishing website, has a highly targeted audience of dedicated anglers, spearfishermen, boaters, and diving enthusiasts in Florida, everything & anything related to enjoying the water in Florida is covered on our website. Florida Go Fishing’s goal is to provide education, tips, hints, facts and resources to help both the recreational fisherman and the pro’s increase their catch fishing in Florida.

Remember, good marketing decisions take into account not only the world as it is now, but as it will be in the future...

Advertising Inquiries

Please contact sales@floridagofishing.com

Audience & Customer Retention

Man on fishing boatFishing is a low cost form of recreation, enjoyed by a diverse group of individuals, families, professionals and commercial fishermen.

Our audience is a highly targeted group of avid fisherman and divers from all age groups and both sexes. Visitors to our site are locals and tourists looking for information on where to go fishing, new techniques to try, and to have some fun exploring our site.

Our goal is to keep the site fresh by continually adding and updating content - in our 1st year we have achieved a 30% daily return rate, double the industry average!

A unique feature to our site is our sortable GPS Coordinate Charts of offshore reefs, shipwrecks and waypoints. Our charts are used by anglers, divers, snorkelers, spearfishermen, and boaters. These pages are by far the most popular on our website! Our Interactive Google Earth of reef sites is the 2nd most popular page behind the GPS Coordinates Index page, offering a visual, interactive view of reef sites.

We send out monthly Newsletters notifying our loyal readers of new site features, promoting new advertisers, news, and regulation changes. Our open rate is over 35% with most recipients clicking through to the website. We offer free announcements for advertisers, space permitting.

We also reach out for new users with online advertising campaigns, direct mail, and forum participation. We actively promote our advertisers services because we want you to succeed! It's a Win-Win for everyone.

Ad Types & Specifications

1st come, 1st serve basis for all ad placements. Be the first to advertise on a page and you will always be on top!

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Contact us to order your display ad. All display ad's are prepaid. We will Email you an invoice via PayPal. Click the secure Buy Now or Pay Now button in the Email to pay your invoice.

Advertising Terms

Include the URL that you want to direct the ad to with your submission. Graphic files should be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format at 72 resolution, 40k or less. We will work with what you submit to make the ad the right resolution. We highly recommend inserting a one-pixel border around the ads that have a white background so the user may be able distinguish it from white background areas of the site.

If you do not have a graphic ad we can make one for you for a nominal fee.

Advertisers must agree to the terms of our Advertising Policy. Out of consideration for our readers (the vast majority of whom find them very irritating) we do not accept intrusive ads such as pop-ups, video ads, or ads with sound effects. We reserve the right to decline any advertisement we deem unsuitable for FloridaGoFishing.com for any reason. Pages may carry Google pay-per-click ads or other Affiliate ads. These are removed and replaced by your banner when you purchase advertising on FloridaGoFishing.com.

"No Follow" Links

In 2012 Google has cracked down on the policy of Link Exchange Programs due to widespread abuse. Google ranks websites based on "natural links" and paid-ad's obviously are not natural. We suggest large company advertisers make their paid ad's "No Follow" which is easily done by us adding simple code to the link to your site. We will not do this unless you request it, so let us know if you want your links this way.

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Florida Go Fishing is not liable for content provided by advertiser for advertisements published and does not accept responsibility for any claim made against the publisher. It is the advertisers responsibility to obtain appropriate releases on any item or individuals pictured in ads or editorials.

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We offer business who do not have a website the opportunity for internet exposure by purchasing a webpage on Florida Go Fishing for a nominal annual fee. Free setup, text & picture formatting included! We will link your webpage from the Directory or page of your choice.

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