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Any successful angler will tell you, fish chum is their secret weapon.
Well, it's not a secret but new anglers in Florida soon learn it is the key to success.

So, you want to become a Fish Chum Pro? We have the most comprehensive information on fish chum, burley, stink bait and groundbait anywhere in the world! We tacked this widely used practice in detail so all our readers will learn everything and anything related to chumming for fish.

Fish Chumming or Burleying is a common practice in Florida and can help to ensure a successful fishing day. Because there is not much structure on the sandy bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, the Straits of Florida, or the Atlantic coast, fish are not found anywhere you set your line. Using fish chum, groundbait, or fish burley helps to bring the fish "to you" and get them in a feeding mood, hopefully a "feeding frenzy".

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We originally posted this information on its own website Fish Chum Pro but decided to bring it over to Florida Go Fishing since Florida is the #1 state in the country for using fish chum. We have even heard Florida anglers are the #1 users of fish chum in the world behind Australian anglers who use fish burley - same thing, different name. On our fish chum webpages we use the following terms interchangeably: Fish Chum, Stink Bait, Bunker, Burley, or Groundbait.
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