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The Central East starts in St Lucie Country and runs north to Volusia County. This popular area for fishing includes the Indian River Lagoon inshore and the Oculina Bank MPA far offshore. Known as the Treasure Coast, fishing and diving can net you a gold Bouillon if you're lucky, especially after a storm. It is not uncommon to see beach patrons scouring the beach for coins from the famous 1715 shipwrecks.

The longest county in Florida, Brevard, is 75 miles long and is located in the transition zone where tropical turns into the temperate zone. This climate change is evident in the slightly cooler water temperatures especially in the winter months. The fish and lobsters tend to be larger here, possibly because there is less fishing pressure than the tourist popular southern counties. Fishing and diving activities are at their peak in the warmer summer months when the tarpon and snook come back up north after their winter vacations in the southern warmer waters. Winter fishing and diving can be unpredictable due to northern fronts bring cold winds and a rare snowflake.

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