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Ever look closely at your fish catch? Some fish are pretty funky looking. An then the
ones that get caught in very deep water come up all goggle-eyed and bloated making some pretty interesting subjects to photograph. Our photographers have a quirky sense of humor, taking some weird looking pictures just for the fun of it. So we decided to put them all on one page and share them with our readers. You will never look at a fish the same after seeing some of these close-ups. Come back again, we will add more photos as we take them.

Pufferfish inside a red grouper's mouth!

red grouper fish with a pufferfish in its mouth

Ramora Fish suction cups on head used to attach to big fish.
Closeup of Ramora fish's top of head that is a suction cup used to attach to big fish like whales and sharks
Ramora stuck to the roof of a boat, it was over 3 feet long.
Ramora fish stuck to the roof of a boat, a mans hand is near it
Cleaning Spiny Lobster - first separate the tail from the body.
The innards of a spiny lobster with red goo drooling out
Take the antenna and push the narrow end into the anus and pull.
Cleaning the lobster tail showing the antena stuck up the anus
Longnose Batfish have warts on their back and can walk!
Longnose Batfish
Giant eyeball of a fish found on Pompano Beach October 2012.
Huge fish eyeball held in white gloved hands
Inside the mouth of a big Cubera Snapper. Photo courtesy of Beast Charters of Miami. (this is not the same fish as the one below)
Inside the mouth of a Cubera Snapper showing teeth
A Shark bit off the whole body of the big Cubera Snapper as they reeled it in on trip with Beast Charters of Miami.
A Shark devoured the body of a cubera snapper as they were reeling it in, the had was all that was left
Longnose Batfish have warts on their back and can walk!
Girl holding two fish to here eyes, looks like they are her eyes
Wonder what ripped the forehead off this big gag while we fought it to the surface! It did not appear to be a shark bite and looked more like someone took a 'giant roto tool' and worked away on a pretty damn hard skull. Image Courtesy of Last Mango Sportfishing Charters, Fort Pierce
Big Gag Grouper with head wound
Red Grouper from over 100 feet offshore wreck with popped eyes.
Learn about this common occurrence on Catch & Release Fishing
Red grouper with popped out eyes
Red Grouper's mouth showing stomach coming up. Notice the teeth.
Inside the Red grouper mouth showing red stomach
Another Red Grouper - see the teeth and extreme popped eyes.
Red Grouper with eyes popping out and mouth open showing teeth
Underside of Red Grouper showing gills and chin.
Chin view of red grouper
Gills of the Red Grouper
Gills of the red grouper closeup
OK, this 8 month old Boxer puppy isn't a fish but he caught his first mouse and offered it up for bait. Jake is our mascot.
Boxer puppy with rat in mouth
Reg Porgy face
Closeup of the face of a red porgy
Red Porgy close-up of eye.
Closeup of eye of red porgy
90 pound Black Grouper face. Notice the beady little eye.
Closeup of the face of a black grouper
Looking down the throat of a Black Grouper.
Looking down the throat of a black grouper
Gill of the Black Grouper. Isn't nature beautiful!
Closeup of the bright red gills of the black grouper
(2) 70 pound Black Grouper heads.
Two closeups of black grouper heads
Amberjack face showing nice yellow rimmed eye.
Amberjack face
Inside the Amberjack mouth showing white gill plates.
Inside the mouth of the Amberjack
200 pound Nurse Shark filleted - notice center missing, lots of blood
Nurse shark filleted showing head and top fins, body gutted
The guts of the Nurse Shark after removing the fillet.
The guts of the nurse shark - long tubes one with blue end
Dolphin fish filleted. Image Courtesy of Last Mango Sportfishing Charters
Dolphine fish filleted
Ladyfish cut up on boat rail for bait.
Lady fish cut in chunks for bait with tail near knife


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