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The Mermaids of Southwest Florida

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Contrary to popular belief, there are real Mermaids in Florida! We found dozens of gorgeous Mermaids lurking on the shores of Southwest Florida.

Miss Mermaid Lynn of Marco Island

Miss Lynn October 2012 mermaid of the month lays in the surf on marco island beach with a horseshoe crabs top
Miss Mermaid playing with sea creaturesMermaid holding a horseshoe crabMiss mermaid Lynn wearing a horseshoe crab bra


Miss Mermaid Sarah from Marco Island

Miss Mermaid of September posing in the surf on a black and white picture
Mermaid on the beach with a mother and two girls looking on in the backgroundTwo girls jumping around a mermaid laying in the surfCloseup of a pretty long haired blond mermaid with little red flowers in her hair laying in the surf, holding her head with her hand resting on her elbow


Miss Mermaid MiShell from Naples

Miss Mermaid of August 2012 at the edge of the surf at sunset
Miss Mermaid in the water in a very seductive poseMiss Mermaid August in the water with her tail curved out


Miss Mermaid Madison of Naples

Miss Mermaid Madison
Mermaid sitting on the beach with airboat in backgroundMiss Mermaid with an baby alligator in a black and white photo in everglades
Mermaid at sunset sitting in the weeds at the edge of the water


Miss Mermaid Candice from Naples

Miss June Mermaid swimming in the water
mermaid with an easter basket in the watermermaid in the sand with shellspretty blond mermaidMermaid in water holding knees black & white photo


Miss Mermaid Sigi from Germany

Miss Mermaid Sigi from Germany
Miss mermaid laying on the beach with scallop shells on chestMiss Mermaid sitting on beachMiss mermaid in guys armsMermaid holding tail


Miss Mermaid Sam from Naples

Miss March Mermaid
March Miss Mermaid with little girlBoys holding mermaidMermaid with shell


Miss Mermaid Kaitlin of Bonita Springs

Miss February Mermaid


Miss Mermaid Jenna of Long Beach Island

Miss Mermaid Emily January 2012


Miss Mermaid Monika

miss mermaid listening to a sea shell sitting on rocks with blazing orange sunset in background

mermaid lounging on the beach with the sun setting

two mermaids playing in the sand


Mermaid Kristi from Surf City Long Beach Island, NJ

A Wee bit O'Luck findin this Beautiful Irish Mermaid!

A closeup face shot of miss march mermaid holding a sea shell
miss mermaid laying in the sand with a dollar billmiss mermaid facial shot, big smiles and in black and whiteBoy kneeling in front of mermaid laying in the sand giving her flowers


Miss Mermaid Gabriella of New Jersey

Mermaid on rock jetty with anglers fishing in the background
miss mermaid laying on sand with big smilemiss mermaid on the rocks looking at a huge passenger ship on the water


Mermaids Celebrating Holidays!


Miss Mermaid Elli-Anna of Fort Myers

Mermaid of the Month - December 2011 - Miss Elli-Ann of Fort Myers, Florida


Miss Mermaid Lia

girl in mermaid costume sitting on dock with both hands held up with peace sign


Miss mermaid laying on the rocks, hand under chin, mermaid tail in the air


Little Mermaid Abbie from Naples and the Easter Bunny

Little Miss Mermaid Abbey
>little miss mermaid with bunnylittle miss mermaid laying on rockslittle miss mermaid in grass

A Special Thank You to the Humane Society of Naples for lending their Easter Bunny to FunPhotography.US - Happy Easter!


Happy Labor Day from our Mermaids

Woman mermaid holding american flag in black and white

woman mermaid holding a flag and cow boy hat


Spooky Mermaid on Naples Beach

Miss November is a halloween mermaid with a rat and crow laying in the surf
Miss Halloween mermaid looks up at the rat on her tail
Mermaid in black and white

A Mermaid Poem

miss mermaid laying on the sand at the edge of the beach with a little boy and the sun setting, pink sky

Mermaid icon

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