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Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingWith the Gulf Stream flowing close to the coast here and with an abundance of natural reefs, ledges, shipwrecks & artificial reefs, Palm Beach County is one of the best fishing and diving destinations in Florida. More fish species inhabiting Palm Beach County's waters than any other county in Florida.The visibility is usually in the 50 foot range and water tempurature 80 degrees in the summer and just below 70 degrees in the winter providing the perfect environment to pack this stretch of the Altantic with wildlife. Water depths range from 30 to 100 feet within 2 miles from shore; you don't need to travel far here!
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Site ID / Reef Name Material / Description D R
PB-1 United Caribbean 140'x25' Steel Coastal Freighter 1969 smuggler 70 30
PB-2 Submarine Small Submarine SE of Noula Express's wheel house 70  
PB-3 Tycom Mitigative-Boca Corr 1 375 tons of Limestone 3 to 5 tons Rock 70 8
PB-4 Tycom Mitigative-Boca Corr 2 425 tons of Limestone 3 to 5 tons Rock 70 8
PB-5 Sea Emperor 171' Hopper Barge and rubble sits upside down 65  
PB-6 Boca Raton Reef 1 19 Concrete Erojacks 60  
PB-7 Hydro Atlantic 300'x64' Dredger 1905 Capt Ezra Sensibar 165  
PB-8 Boca Ledge Ledge next to artificial reef 70 15
PB-9 South Boca Inlet Reefs 17000 tons Rock 12  
PB-10 Boca Raton Inlet GPS Waypoint    
PB-11 Red Rock Reef Beach Mitigation 800 tons 6 Modules Stacked Rock 9 5
PB-12 Boca Outfall Trench Man-made 15' deep Trench runs E-W 3rd reef line-lots fish 90  
PB-13 Spanish River High 50 Reefballs 25 4
PB-14 Boca North Ledge Ledge with caves and overhangs - Moray eels lobsters 60 15
PB-15 CSA Modules 12 Concrete Modules 25 tons Concrete 60  
PB-16 San Remo Reef 3rd reef line Caves overhangs 65  
PB-17 Yamato Rock Cape on Atlantic S Highland Beach    
PB-18 Shark Ledge Ledge with Crevices and Undercuts 65 20
PB-19 Finks Grouper Hole Steep Ledges with lots of fish 70 20
PB-20 Seagate Opening in 3rd Reef Line Reef Archways Holes - lobsters 85 20
PB-21 Seagate Grouper Hole Rocks forming caves 65 15
PB-22 Mountains Valleys 12 Mile long Reef with Fingers - lots of fish strong current 85 35
PB-23 Delray Snapper Hole Large Caves with lots of fish 65 15
PB-24 Delray Ledge Mile long Ledge with tunnels caves overhangs - lots of fish 70 20
PB-25 Hobie Ledge Ledge close to beach with lots of fish 60 12
PB-26 Boynton Fish Corridors Rock Corridor Linking Bud Bar to Mv Becks 87 5
PB-27 Genesis Reef 200'x100' Culverts Catch Basins 300' Swordfish 80 12
PB-28 Boynton Fish Corridors 1 3000 tons Rock Boulders 420'x30'x7' 92 7
PB-29 Swordfish - Budweiser Bar 70' Treasure Hunting Vessel W Bud Bar 80  
PB-30 Castor 258'x37'x45' Dutch Ship seized cargo Cocaine 109 45
PB-31 Budweiser Bar Wreck 167' Coastal Freighter cir 1965 Olive M upright 85 17
PB-32 Becks Reef - Captain Tony 195' Dutch Freighter MV Becks The Captain Tony 80 20
PB-33 Grouper Cave 8' wide Cave - 4.5 miles S Boynton Inlet - Groupers 80  
PB-34 Boynton Ledge Comb Ledge with steep narrow spurs extending seaward - lots fish 80 25
PB-35 Gulf Stream - Boynton Ledge 15' high Ledge 100 yds wide runs 200 yds long caves holes 60 20
PB-36 Brown House Ledges 3 12 miles south Boynton Inlet - big lobsters 63 13
PB-37 Tongue of the Reef Tongue extending from reef shoreward with caves 63 10
PB-38 Boynton Ledge Steep ledge with holes undercuts - 3 miles S Boynton Inlet 68 17
PB-39 Boynton Falls Reef with overhangs and deep cuts - 3 miles S Boynton Inlet 80  
PB-40 Gulfstream Mitigation Reefs 6000 tons Rock 11  
PB-41 Tumbled Rocks Pile of Limestone Rocks broken off from reef - 3rd reel line 69 12
PB-42 Briney Breeze Low-profile Ledges Crevices - 2.5m S Boynton Inlet 65 15
PB-43 Ohioan 6078 ton American Steam Freighter 600  
PB-44 Boynton Overhangs N Ledges System 15' overhang Cave 2 miles S Boynton Inlet 60  
PB-45 Boynton Beach Ocean Park 1500 tons concrete 20  
PB-46 Raggs Reef 50' Diameter Pile of 357 tons Limestone Rock 68 9
PB-47 Boynton 3 - Donny Boy Silpe Apprx 300 3 to 4 Ft Square Limestone Boulders 69 13
PB-48 Boynton Inlet Mitigation 1185 acres Lime Boulders 20 16' Concret Modules 6 2
PB-49 Ocean Ridge Mitigation Reef 9200 tons Rock 10  
PB-50 Boynton Inlet Rock Reef 900 tons Rock N of Inlet - lobsters and bait 15  
PB-51 Boynton Inlet Site 3' to 4' Square Limestone Boulders 3 Modules 31 8
PB-52 Boynton Inlet GPS Waypoint - 130' wide x 6' to 12' deep    
PB-182 Goggle-Eye 250 tons Limerock, 450 tons Concrete 17 6
PB-53 Boyton Kiwanis - Miller Lite 317'x45'x23' Cargo Freightr Skycliffe uprit 201 65
PB-54 Boynton Inlet Step Reef North Limestone Boulders and 2 Modules 35 8
PB-55 Lufthusicon Archaeological Preserve 222'x37'x23' Iron Hulled Barque built 1868 20  
PB-56 Hypoluxo Island Island on Intercoastal    
PB-57 Lantana Artificial Reef 250 tons concrete - prefabricated structures 10  
PB-58 Horseshoe Reef Ledge system with inner ledge and undercuts curves E to S 60 17
PB-59 Kreusler Park Ephemeral Reef 350'x25'x2-3' 245 tons Concrete 600 tons Rock 12 6
PB-60 Ibis Isle Island on Intercoastal    
PB-61 Hogfish Ledges Ledges at end of Pauls Reef Hogfish were once plentiful 62 12
PB-62 Pauls Reef Ledge System with cuts and turns - lots of fish    
PB-63 Sloans Ledge Semi-Circular Ledge end of Paul's Reef runs E with fingers    
PB-64 Hunters Island Island on Intercoastal    
PB-65 Wideners Curve Mitigation Reef 14729 tons Rock 6  
PB-66 Bath and Tennis - Outside 100' to 200' wide 14 mile long Ledge    
PB-67 Bingham Islands Island on Intercoastal    
PB-68 Bath and Tennis - Inside 100' to 200' wide 14 mile long Ledge    
PB-69 Pep Reef Boulders Rocks North of Pep Modules on Fabric Cloth 32 6
PB-70 Pep Reef 240 Concrete Modules as a Breakwater 4000' Long 27  
PB-71 Mar-A-Lago Reefs 2000 tons Rock 5700 tons of 25tn Concr Modules 18  
PB-72 Fisherman Island Island on Intercoastal    
PB-73 Bath and Tennis Long Ridges and broken edges - lobsters 50 6
PB-74 Breakers Reef South 125 yds wide Ledge with thicket of gorgonians - lots of fish 55 6
PB-75 Everglades Island Barge 87'x30' Steel Barge 18 9
PB-76 Everglades Island Concrete 1100 tons of Concrete Bridge Materials 18 9
PB-77 Tarpon Island Island on Intercoastal with bridge    
PB-78 Everglades Island Island on Intercoastal    
PB-79 Flower Gardens - Outside Series of Ledges - larger fish here 70 30
PB-80 Sea Aquarium Series of Ledges - large schools of fish    
PB-81 Flower Gardens - Inside Series of Ledges - juvenile fish here 48 30
PB-82 Fish Bowl Series of Ledges - large schools of fish    
PB-83 The Trench 15' Cut through 55' Ledge 8' walls Rock piles just S cables    
PB-84 Breakers - Fourth Window Ledges with 12' vertical walls trans-atlantic cable 60 15
PB-85 Cable Crossing 5' Circular Ledge with communications cable running thru it 25  
PB-86 Fourth Window Ledge with lots of undercuts in front of Breakers 60 10
PB-87 Breakers Buoysicon buoy ok to fish Center of 6 Buoys for Fishing and Diving - OK to Fish Buoy    
PB-88 Breakers Reef - King Neptune 9' Statue King Neptune and his sea turtles undercut Ledges   15
PB-89 Breakers Reef - Turtle Mound Dome Shaped Patch Reef with 15' ledges on S and W sides 56 15
PB-90 Breakers Shallow Reef with Steep inside wall and fingers ledges and holes    
PB-91 East West Ledge 6' Ledge running 50 yards 2 patch reefs just N - lobsters    
PB-92 WPB Fishing Pier Reef 60 tons rock 10  
PB-93 South Double Ledges Reef System with Twin Inside Ledges 85 20
PB-94 Playpen 1800 tons of Concrete Culverts forming caves   15
PB-95 North Doubles Long Ledge    
PB-96 Rybovich Reef 1 215tn Concr Pyr Modules 12500tn Rock 60' Barge 25  
PB-97 Jewfish Ledges (Bay) Deployed LW Lagoon targeting Snook Jewfish 25 9
PB-98 Rybovich Reef 2 14 pcs Jersey Barriers Concr on Trammel Screen 23 8
PB-99 Firehock Memorial Reef 7'x10'x7' Concrete Diver Sculpture 85 7
PB-100 Shasha Boekanier - Governors 185' German Coastal Freighter 1962 smuggler 90 40
PB-101 Governors River Walk Corr 1 Rock Corridor links St.Jaques and Gilbert Sea 85 7
PB-102 Thozina - Governors River Walk 175' Steel Coastal Freighter 1957 smuggler 90 40
PB-103 St Jacques - Governors River 174' Steel Coastal Freighter 1955 smuggler 90 40
PB-104 Governors River Walk Corr 2 Rock Corridor Shasha Boekanier to Gilbert Sea 85 8
PB-105 Gilbert Sea-Gov River Walk 175' Steel Coastal Freighter cir 1966 smuggler 90 40
PB-106 Palm Beach Mid-Depth Site Concrete Rubble 42 4
PB-185 Palm Beach Step Reef 4806 tons Concrete Rubble and Bridge Spans 45 11
PB-107 Rock Piles Dredged Rock from Palm Beach Inlet - coral sponges 80  
PB-108 Cross Current Barge 195' Barge with Rocks from Paradise Reef 61 15
PB-109 Cross Current Barge Reef 6500 tons Rocks near Barge 60 10
PB-110 Paradise Rock 1 1'-3' Rocks 1nm @ 170* from Inlet 55  
PB-111 Paradise Rock 2 1800 tons of Concrete Culverts and Catch Basins 59  
PB-112 Lake Worth Inlet Reef 6200 tons Concrete 60  
PB-113 Tso Paradise 82' Yacht 55  
PB-114 Rolls Royce 1967 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce publicity stunt 80  
PB-116 Murphys Barge Barge - lots of fish    
PB-115 Eidsvag - Owens 150' Freighter cir 1941 as Eidsvag drug ship 80  
PB-117 The Playground 700 tn Concrete Light Poles Concr Culverts 135 12
PB-118 Lakeworth Inlet GPS Waypoint - 800 wide x 35' deep 35  
PB-119 Peanut Island Island on Intercoastal    
PB-120 Princess Anneicon dangerous to penetrate 340'x58'x52' Chesapeake Steel Car Ferry upright 97 30
PB-121 Peanut Island - NE Snorkel Reef 3100 tons Rock Prefabricated Structures 10 4
PB-122 Colson Barge 100' Steel Barge sits upright - 1 mile ENE Palm Beach Inlet 75  
PB-123 Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail 16 Piles Rock 6 Ohare Modules E-W Line 15 5
PB-124 Singer Island Mitigation 2 Limestone Boulders and 20 16' Concrete Modules 8 2
PB-125 Singer Island Mitigation 1 9700 tons Rock 10  
PB-126 PC 1170 - PC 1174 165' Patrol Craft next to Mizpah 90  
PB-127 Miss Karleen 100' Vessel 90  
PB-128 Mizpahicon No Fishing 185'x27' Greek Steam Luxury Liner 1926 Savarona 80  
PB-129 Habitat Corridors South 1260 tons Rock 82  
PB-130 Simpson Barge Barge full of spiny oysters - Huge Fish 80 8
PB-131 Ande Fishing Reef - Jed Carrier 293' Coastal Freighter 180 30
PB-133 Classic Barge P6 195' Steel Hopper Barge 500 tons Concrete 235  
PB-132 Amaryllis 441'x57' Banana Freightr aka Cromwell Park 1945 80 20
PB-134 Habitat Corridors North 1260 tn Rock connects Amaryllis with Pbrrt Barg 75 15
PB-135 Lake Worth Inlet Barge Barge 70  
PB-136 Research Team Reef 80' Barge 4800 tons Concrete 70  
PB-137 Playground 5400 tn Concrete Culverts with Concrete Steel 135 12
PB-138 Classic Barge P1 195' Steel Hopper Barge The P1 275  
PB-139 Sugar Sands Ledges 4665 tons Rock 16000 tons Concrete 26  
PB-140 Ledge Large undercut Ledge 75 6
PB-141 Spearmans Barge 100' Deck Barge - lots of big fish 70  
PB-142 Danny McCauley - Pocahontas 110x25x25 WWII Canadian Tug Boat built 1944 76 24
PB-143 Sugar Sands Ledges (Bay) 8 Platform Modules 60'x40'x5' 2000tn Lime Rock 25 10
PB-144 Sylvina Express - WPB Fishing 200'x33' Steel Freighter 277 167
PB-145 Royal Park Bridge Site 500'x150' 15000tn Concr 50' Tug 130' 70' Barges 70 15
PB-146 Bridge Reef 7000 tons Concrete 225  
PB-147 Celtic Crusadr - John Rybovich 265' General Cargo Ship aka Supremity Korimu 220 75
PB-148 Kelsey Park Reef - Falcon 1400tn Concr Pilings Walkways Dock 2000tn Rock 10 3
PB-149 Vances Reef - Donation Barge 150'x50'x10' Barge 50'x15'x15' Steel Sailboat 210 15
PB-150 Colsons Barge 2 Broken Barge next to reef - lots of fish 75 10
PB-151 Murpghy II - Runaway Barge 110' Deck Barge 75  
PB-152 Little Munyon Island Island on Intercoastal    
PB-153 Black Rock 25' Wide Rock sitting on a ledge - 3 m NE Palm Beach Inlet 85 15
PB-154 Boynton Ledges - 100 Caves Ledge with big undercuts - lots of fish 102 12
PB-155 Munyon Island Island on Intercoastal    
PB-156 Zeiglers Zoo - The Zoo 8' High Ledge 2.5 miles NE Palm Beach Inlet - lots of fish 86  
PB-157 Jolly Jack Ledge Broken Ledge 85 8
PB-158 NW Doubles Ridge Long Ridge with deep undercut ledges snakes E to W - sharks    
PB-159 Juno Ledge 2 mile long Reef with drop-offs - lots of sharks and fish 82 20
PB-160 The Cave 80' long Tunnel 2 car lanes wide w ledges - huge lobsters 160 40
PB-183 Juno Pier Artificial Reef 3 to 4 ft Square Limestone Boulders 940 tons 30 11
PB-184 Kwiecinski Reef 3 to 4 ft Square Limestone Boulders 413 tons 30 11
PB-161 The Bluffs Natural Reef with Rocks and Ledges 80  
PB-162 Diamondhead Radnor Reef 9500 tons Rock 110' Barge 20  
PB-163 Jupiter Inlet GPS Waypoint    
PB-164 Ratican 55' Steel Ship 72' Sailboat Concret Culverts 90  
PB-165 Jupiter Inlet Stepping Stones Rock Limestone 5 barge loads 32 7
PB-166 Sea Mist II 265'x43' Coastal Freighter 210 90
PB-167 Zion Train 164' Steel Ship 90 35
PB-168 Jupiter Inlet Reef 250 tons Concrete 90  
PB-169 Miss Jenny 55'x50'x25' Dredge Barge Concr 300ft S of Esso 90  
PB-170 Esso Bonaire III 147' Harbor Tanker 1926 55000 lbs marijuana 90  
PB-171 Jupiter Inlet Stepping Stones 3' to 4' Square Limestone Boulders 1mi NE inlet 34 12
PB-172 Jupiter Inlet Site Limestone Boulders 44 7
PB-173 Jupiter Inlet Site Rock Limestone and Boulders 37 9
PB-174 Marshat - Tug Reef 64' Tug 73 15
PB-175 Sun Mariner - Tug Reef 62' Tug 73 15
PB-176 Sea Inspector - Tug Reef 68' Harbor Tug 73 15
PB-177 MG-111 Barge 195'x35'x16' Hopper Barge 1000 tons Concrete 60  
PB-178 Warrior Reef 250 tons upright Concrete Pillars 66  
PB-179 Conch Bar Bar inside Jupiter Inlet    
PB-180 Gulfland aka Gulf Pride Coordinates are converted from loran and incorrect - removed site from list 35  
PB-181 Republic 392'x51' Tanker 1920 Liberty Minequas 50  

D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
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