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Fishing in Florida

Girl fishing with her father on a boatFlorida Fishing Capital of the World facts on why we call our selves thisHow Much Fun Can You Have Fishing in Florida? Fisherman around the world come to Florida. Why? Because fishing is excellent and water is everywhere!

Unlike the cold northern states, our weather is warm year round, so you can fish virtually any day of the year. Florida has over 8,000 miles of shoreline if you count inlets, bays, and capes. Western Florida on the Gulf of Mexico has 770 miles of shoreline and the eastern Atlantic side has 580 miles; now add all the islands, freshwater lakes, the Everglades, and you can see how we boast having the most miles in the United States. And Florida has claimed its fame by calling itself The Fishing Capital of the World!

Do You Know Where the Local's Go?

Find out where by exploring our website. We bring together all the best resources in one place. Get the fishing facts from local anglers. Find local guides, charters, bait shops,and boat & fishing equipment rentals.

Snook in the shadows

How many times have you seen this many Snook lined up in a row?

It's not uncommon in Florida.

Our mission in developing this website is to help anglers find where to go fishing in Florida and we recruited a lot of locals to help us find out.
Florida Fishing Regulations Brochure

Saltwater Fishing

Man fishing offshoreSaltwater fishing and golf are the most popular sporting activities in Florida. Who has time for golf when there are so many places to fish?

You can fish from land, bridges, piers, docks, the beach, inshore, backwaters & flats, and offshore. We have thousands of reefs and wrecks offshore for action packed fishing, snorkeling, and diving.

With hundreds of saltwater species making the Gulf of Mexico, the Straights of Florida, and the Atlantic Ocean home, your choices are endless.

If you are vacationing here we have local charter's and guides ready to show you a good time. No fishing gear, no problem. There are many places to rent gear if you choose to fish on your own. There are also facilities throughout the county where you can rent boats and kayaks.

Offshore reef with fish swimmingOffshore Fishing from BoatInshore boats anchored fishingBeach fishing with naples pier in background

Freshwater Fishing

There is a vast network of canals, channels, and lakes throughout the state offering excellent fishing with largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, panfish and bream being popular targets. Visit our Freshwater Fish page for details on our species.

Parks & PreservesFishing canal

A large portion of Florida is within county, state, and national parks offering excellent freshwater, brackish, and saltwater fishing. These parks offer a vast variety of fishing opportunities. Each park has their own rules and regulations that may differ from state rules. All parks require fishing licenses and advise anglers to review their guidelines to ensure a safe and successful trip. Visit our Locations section to find a park near you.

Fishing in The Everglades

Map of the Everglades
Karl Musser licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The Everglades covers one third of the southern Florida peninsula. Most of the area within the Everglades is a wild wet wilderness receiving 55 inches of rain annually. When we refer to the Everglades on this website we are referring to the rural areas outside of developed towns and cities.

With all this water comes a vast variety of fishing opportunities in freshwater, brackish and saltwater. Fishing by land is common on the roadsides, lakes, canals, or designated area's within national and state parks. Fishing by kayak, canoe, or small boat is limited only by your ability to get there, and back out! Because this area is a wild wilderness, you MUST plan your trip and have all necessary gear at hand to ensure a safe trip.

Freshwater species in the Everglades include Largemouth Bass, Yellow Bullheads, Bluegills, Golden Shinners, Sunfish, and Florida gar. You can also find snook, tarpon, and other saltwater species that have adapted to brackish and freshwaters.

Saltwater species are abundant in the Everglades where land meets the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Bay, and the Atlantic.


We have broken down Florida into 9 regions to help you plan your fishing adventures. Click on our Locations Map to jump to our large map and select the region you would like to fish in. We also have direct links to major cities around Florida.Florida counties map

If you already know your region, click on the links below:
Panhandle  Central West  Central East  Southwest The Keys Southeast

Woman standing next to America Go Fishing's memory card fishing chip

WeatherPlant Hardiness map of Florida

What can we say, the weather in Florida is just beautiful, that's why we are called the "Sunshine State."

Florida weather varies depending on what part of the state you are in. As you can see from the Florida Plant Hardiness map, our weather is not the same through out the state.

The sun is out almost every day. We have two very distinct seasons - very dry arid winters averaging highs of 80 degrees in South Florida and 70 degrees in the north. Summers are very humid and rain comes most afternoons with averaging highs of 90 degrees, in northern Florida it can be less humid but still around 90 degrees. Don't let the summer rains stop you, they come through daily in the summer, usually after 2:00 PM, and are brief. You can see the storms coming, so always seek cover before they arrive, some storms can be very intense with lots of lightning. Jump to our Weather page for more information.


Sunset from my dockWhen you finish your days of fishing, boating, golfing, hiking, and exploring, stop by any beach or any other location on the water for our daily ritual of watching the sunset. We have some of the most spectacular sunsets with every color of the rainbow showing up in the clouds. Be sure to look up in all directions after it sets and watch closely as the clouds change colors right before your eyes. Every night is different and spectacular!Sunset on the beach

Most spectators of this daily event look for the "Green Flash" which occurs just as the sun is disappearing on the horizon. I personally have never seen the green flash (could be my UV glass lens) but many have marveled at it's beauty.


Seasonal Population Differences

sunset through palm tree

Our two distinct seasons in Florida are winter and summer. Not only is the weather different, so are the crowds. During the summer, mostly locals inhabit the fishing areas. But once it gets cold up north, the "snow birds" arrive tripling our population and crowding our waterways. Snow Birds are, as we locals call them, either part time residents or vacationers that come to our area to escape the cold winters up north. Don't get me wrong, we love the snow birds, they are a very important economic necessity for our tourism based economy in Florida. But locals start counting a few weeks before Easter the car carriers arriving daily. We look forward to the serenity of summer.

During the winter you must plan ahead for lodging, boat rentals, charter, etc. Fishing spots in the winter can get crowded, but with the knowledge you gain from our website, you can count on a great fishing trip.

Outdoor Life

Couple on a torquoise color scooter very happyResidents and visitors alike spend a good portion of their time outdoors enjoying 821,620 acres of federal and state parks, preserves, and refugees. The Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Straits, the Atlantic Ocean, backwater bays, inlets, bays, canals, and countless bridges offer anglers limitless saltwater fishing choices. Inland lakes and canals, both natural and man made, offer freshwater anglers a variety of species.

For a change of pace, attend one of our numerous outdoor events, festivals, arts and crafts shows, museums, the zoo or the botanical gardens. For the golfer, we have the most golf courses in the entire country. Have a picnic in a park, go relax at the beach, go to a water park, go bird watching, or go look for alligators in the woods. The list of outdoor activities is endless.

American Flag with Pelican on top

Notice the pelican on the top of the flag pole?

This flag flies high above a fillet station used by charter boats behind a restaurant. No wonder the pelicans flock when the charters pull in.