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Levy Dixie Taylor Counties Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingYear-round saltwater fishing in Dixie County is great from Cedar Key to Steinhatchee with most fishing areas near Suwannee and Horseshoe Beach. Many artificial reefs have been placed by FWC plus we have included several fishing areas and islands to explore in Dixie County. For more offshore locations see our reefs at neighboring Levy or Taylor County. IMPORTANT: Many sites on this list were laid in the the 1990's and from storm activity or the effects of time, these sites may be gone or difficult to find.

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Site ID / Reef Name Materials / Description Latitude Longitude
DX-1 Suwannee Regional Reef H 16 Cubes x 740 ft North Patch aka Linburg reefs 2918.436 8330.16
DX-2 Bradford Island Island south of Suwannee 2919.015 8309.124
DX-3 Red Bank Reef Shallow grassy sand area good for drift fishing Apr-Nov 2919.165 8315.437
DX-4 Dixie 2 Big Bend Reefs 96 PreFab Cubes 1meter a side 50m spaced hexagn 2919.231 8322.119
DX-5 NW Red Banks Reef Car Bodies Refrigerators and Scrap Metal 2919.46 8315.7
DX-48 Horseshoe Beach G3 101 tons Limestone Boulders 2919.509 8326.249
DX-49 Horseshoe Beach G5 100 tons Limestone Boulders 2919.536 8326.141
DX-47 Horseshoe Beach G1 97 tons Limestone Boulders 2919.54 8326.36
DX-6 Barbree Island Island off Suwannee 2919.581 8309.124
DX-7 Horseshoe Beach E3 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.622 8326.256
DX-8 Horseshoe Beach E2 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.624 8326.301
DX-46 Horseshoe Beach E1 95 tons Limestone Boulders 2919.633 8326.358
DX-45 Horseshoe Beach E5 107 tons Limestone Boulders 2919.641 8326.121
DX-9 Dixie 1 Big Bend Reefs 24 PreFab Cubes 1meter a side 50m spaced hexagn 2919.652 8321.356
DX-10 Horseshoe Beach D4 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.675 8326.212
DX-11 Horseshoe Beach E4 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.679 8326.21
DX-12 Horseshoe Beach D2 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.682 8326.313
DX-13 Horseshoe Beach D3 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.692 8326.252
DX-14 Cat Island Island west of Suwannee 2919.697 8310.608
DX-15 Horseshoe Beach C3 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.72 8326.247
DX-16 Horseshoe Beach C2 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.739 8326.306
DX-17 Horseshoe Beach C4 Limestone Boulders and Culverts 2919.75 8326.208
DX-44 Horseshoe Beach C1 103 tons Limestone Boulders 2919.75 8326.367
DX-43 Horseshoe Beach C5 101 tons Limestone Boulders 2919.753 8326.139
DX-18 Reef Ball Reef 24 Reefballs 2919.79 8326.37
DX-19 Horseshoe Reef 1 200 tns Concrete Blocks Lime Rock Railroad Arms 2919.809 8326.2
DX-41 Horseshoe Beach A3 100 tons Limestone Boulders (33) 2919.832 8326.261
DX-42 Horseshoe Beach A1 99 tons Limestone Boulders 2919.846 8326.379
DX-20 Horseshoe Reef 2 Concrete Culverts and Reef Balls and Rubble 2919.9 8326.08
DX-21 Suwannee Regional Reef I 16 Cubes x 80 Feet (25M) North Patch 2920.88 8331.703
DX-22 Bumblebee Island Island north of Suwannee 2921.781 8310.041
DX-23 Coon Island Island north of Suwannee 2921.898 8312.158
DX-24 Big Pine Island Island SE of Horseshoe Beach 2922.814 8311.958
DX-25 Super Ledge Ledge 2922.82 8345.67
DX-26 Seven Sisters Bar Fishing Area 2922.831 8314.731
DX-27 The Crack Crack fishing area 2923.82 8342.77
DX-28 Seven Brothers 1 Sandy Shell Bar with private clam farms adjacent 2923.848 8314.358
DX-29 Seven Brothers 2 Sandy Shell Bar with private clam farms adjacent 2923.945 8313.864
DX-30 Bird Island 1 Island south of Horseshoe Beach 2925.731 8317.125
DX-31 Butler Island Island east of Horseshoe Beach 2926.197 8316.308
DX-32 Corner Rack Fishing Area where sea grass drops off to deep water 2926.567 8324.867
DX-33 Lamb Spring Fishing Area 2926.628 8350.627
DX-34 Drum Point Fishing Area 2928.564 8319.891
DX-35 Stuart Point Fishing Area high tide redfish 2929.191 8321.059
DX-36 Big Grassy Island Island NW of Horseshoe Beach 2929.914 8322.775
DX-37 Pepperfish Keys Fishing Area 2929.931 8322.691
DX-38 Tater Island Fishing Area 2930.18 8324.375
DX-39 Bowlegs Point Fishing Area 2931.214 8323.892
DX-40 Bird Island 2 Island south of Dead Mans Bay 2935.847 8324.592

D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
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***The omission of symbols on charts does NOT mean it is OK to fish, lobster or spearfish a site - inquire about rules locally.

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  • Rules change frequently, always inquire locally before fishing, lobstering, or spearfishing.

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