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Bragging Rights! See who has the best fishing catch in Florida. We bring you the best or the best catches.
Big fish, little fish, and unusual fish. Catch and Release fish pictures too. Join the fun and send us your pictures, see details below.

Snook in Jacksonville

July 2018 - Caught in Jacksonville, FL my name is Robert Gordon a US navy sailor. I thought I hooked into a tarpon with the fight but when it got close enough to see it turned sideways and I saw that black line. This is the first snook I've ever caught. I know this is a rare catch but also the size - I've never seen a snook this big caught up here in Jacksonville. I'm from North Carolina so never had the chance to catch one. I'm happy for this catch!

man holding a 28 inch snook

snook fish with tape measuresnook tail with tape measure showing 28 inches


Dog Snappers in the Caribbean

December 2017 - Kyle caught these Dog Snappers off Grand Cayman Island at 9 am on Wednesday?Dec. 20. Dog snappers are normally solitary, Kyle was very lucky to catch so many in one trip!

dog snappers on the deck of a boat


Family Fishing Trip off Englewood Beach

June 2017 - A family get together resulted in a great day on the Gulf of Mexico off Englewood Beach. Everyone fished their limit catching a variety of species on one of Naples new reefs.

table full of fish catch grouper snapper porgy


Lots of Fish off Clearwater

March 2017 - Mark H. from Michigan caught lots of fish, mostly grunts, 2-3 miles offshore in 50 feet of water on his most recent fishing trip off Clearwater. Mark will be back in May for his birthday to catch some big fish.

man holding a dozen fish in each hand on a public dock

Strange Catch - A Spotfin Jawfish

March 19, 2017 - Abigail C. caught this "little fish" off St Petersburg and asked us to ID it. With the help of Carol Cox of MBARA.org, we have identified it as a spotfin jawfish. According to Carol, this fish has been seen in 6 ft of water at St Joe Bay, and 85 ft of water in the Gulf.  

closeup of a spotfin jawfish that is small


Weakfish off Ponce Inlet

May 2016 - Diane M. caught this Weakfish in 80 feet of water off Ponce Inlet on Live Shrimp while bottom fishing.

woman holding a weakfishi on a boat


Strange Catch in the Gulf of Mexico

February 2016 - Zaid caught a fish in the Gulf about 18 miles west of Johns Pass in about 60 feet of water. It followed a piece of sardine up from the bottom then took it at the surface. He released it after taking photos. Omar asked us to identify this strange catch so we contacted our species expert Carol Cox from Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association. Carol always loves a mystery and did her research finding this species is a Gulf of Mexico Smooth Puffer, Lagocephalus laevigatus.

boy holding a smooth puffer on a boatface of smooth puffer fish showing the teeth


Jamie and his son catch some great fish on the Gulf of Mexico

man and his son holding a red grouper on a boatyoung angler holding up his red grouper catch


This group of anglers from Illinois usually fish in Florida but they decided to try out Venice, LA. Talk about a successful trip! Red snapper was a legal catch in Louisiana so the boys were able to keep their catch along with yellowfin tuna, a record 120# amberjack and much more!2 men in front of a sign holding dozens of huge fish caught including amberjack, red snapper, tuna
6 men stand in front of a marina board with their fish catch mounted including bluefin tuna and red snapper
anglers showing off their 2 yellowfin tuna catches on a dock in venice, louisiana


Man standing on fishing bridge holding huge snook Man holding big snook with bridge in background at night
Dylan Cole with his 30" snook on Tampa Bay. Daniel Kroegel caught this huge 37 "snook on Tampa Bay.
man on boat holding big dolphin fish that is green and yellow man on boat with red grouper catch
man on boat holding huge 40 pound wahoo fish man holding horizontally a big wahoo fish on a boat
Angling buddies from Fort Myers Beach went on a fishing trip off Key West bagging some huge fish - 7 tuna, dolphin, 2 wahoos 40+ pounds and red grouper. The guys fished both sides of Key West, high speed trolling in 200 feet of water and drop fishing on the Gulf side.
man holding big redfish standing on rocks Man holding big drum
Dylan Cole catches some big drum in Tampa Bay. Check out his big snook on our Catch of the Month page.


Man holding big bass 4 big bass laying on a table in a row next to a show to show size
Christopher Earnhart caught these big bass while fishing from his kayak in Tallahassee.
Man holding a huge gafftopsail catfish on the beach; in the background a fish fin is sticking out of the water 21 inch gafftopsail catfish sitting on a sink with a tape measure showing its size
John Forrest caught this HUGE 21" long Gafftopsail catfish in Ochlokonee Bay Monday Nov. 4, 2013.
Boy holds a huge peacock bass boy hold big jack on a boat
Louie never fails to catch the biggest fish! On a recent trip down to Southeast Florida, Louie landed this beautiful Peacock Bass. The 36" jack on the right took Louie 30 minutes to land and dragged the boat for about a half mile. Do you recognize Louie? He's on the cover of the July 2013 Florida Freshwater Fishing Regulations brochure.
3 men hold a 90 pound black grouper on a boat man hold 20 pound scamp grouper on a boat
Bill D'Antuono of Naples Spearfishing League never fails to spear amazing fish off Naples. Ths monster 90 lb black grouper was shot in the 2013 Southwest Florida Open and the large 20 lb scamp grouper on the right was shot off Naples in 150'.
Man bends over a shark on the beach that he just caught Man holds pompano fish that he just caught with another man looking on
men holding a big shark on the beach 2 men with shark on the beach holding mouth open
See what you can catch from shore on the Atlantic coast. Taylor of Port Saint Lucie and his buddies know how to reel them in and call themselves #TeamLunkerJunkies. Taylor says "Team Lunker Junkies is just a name for our team of fishermen that share a passion for fishing "lunker" means big heavy fish!"
3 men standing in front of over a dozen huge fish mounted on a board
Craig and his buddies towed their boat from Illinois and went fishing offshore on the northern Gulf of Mexico. The guys said it was the craziest fishing they have ever done. This day they caught blackfin tuna and amberjacks in just 3 hours. Check out Craig's huge redfish on our Catch of the Month.
Men on a dock with 7 dolphins, a hug cobia, 3 groupers, tuna and other fish Girl holding a tarpon in the water off miami
Dinner is served by Mark and Dustin from West Nyack, NY Tarpon from Government Cut Miami Beach
Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 Charters of Miami Beach never fails to find the big fish! Give him a call at (305) 439-2475.
Woman holding a very colorful 3 foot long Wahoo on a boat Man holding on a gaff a 2 foot long blackfin tuna on a boat
Bob and Carol Cox of MBARA fishing off Mexico Beach catch a very colorful Wahoo and a feisty Bluefin Tuna.
4 guys and a girl in an orange swimsuit hold a huge Wahoo caught in MBARA's tournament 2 men and a girl in an orange bathing suit hold a spanish mackerel
Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association's annual Kingfish Tournament - Wahoo Prize at 52.45 pounds MBARA's Kingfish Tournament - 1st Place Spanish Mackerel at 4.85 pounds.
Man holding a Hog Snapper and a little boy with a small hog snapper on a boat Two men holding huge dolphin fish, mahi mahi, on a boat. One fish is blue the other yellow
Tyson Brown of New Port Richey, Florida and his son with Hogfish he speared several miles northwest of Anclote Key. The larger one was taken inside a culvert. It was 26" to the fork & 10 lb, 6 oz. Dolphins (Mahi Mahi) caught offshore of Key Largo and Elliot Key using live Ballyhoo and Blue Runners for bait on 20# spinning tackle while on a trip with Capt. Jim, Beast Charters of Miami.
8 King Mackerel fish laid out on the deck of a boat Girl and dog peering into the water from the side of a boat
Brandon Crone caught these King Mackerels using Cigar Minnows from his 31' boat on St. Andrews Bay, Panama City. Brandon Crone's girlfriend Gina and his dog Callie peering into the water at "The One That Got Away", St. Andrews Bay, Panama City.
3 boys and their father on a boat with buckets full of scallops Boy holding a sea trout with a girl smiling in background
A full boat of scallop scratchers - these fellows had their limit on a charter with Captain Rick Moseley Scales N' Tales Charters of Keaton Beach. This very proud boy shows off his Sea Trout on a charter with Captain Rick Moseley Scales N' Tales Charters of Keaton Beach.
Woman with her big Swordfish Woman and kid with a huge shark on a boat
Lee filled a spot on her bucket list with her April swordfish caught 1800 feet down on a Bonito strip last April with Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 Charters of Miami Beach. Large Shark caught while on a charter with Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 Charters of Miami Beach.
Largemouth Bass held by angler Man with small Bass
Jim caught this 8 lb 5 oz Largemouth Bass on West Lake Toho using a 10" Watermelon Red Berkley Powerbait Ribbon Tail worm in a small scattered patch of lilly pads @ about 12:30 pm, sunny and wind approx. 5-10 mph. Kyle's Bass came from a neighborhood lake in Naples.
Sailfish Caught off Ft Pierce by Last Mango Sportfish Charters Huge Red Snapper
Sailfish caught off Fort Pierce by Last Mango Charters Red Snapper caught off Fort Pierce by Last Mango Charters
Buddy catches a big yellow tail snapper Greater Amberjack caught by JR Rossetti
Buddy from Naples catches several big Yellowtail Snappers Feb 2012 on a wreck 70 miles offshore of Naples. During this trip they also caught many Greater Amberjack. Captain John "JR" Rossetti caught this Greater Amberjack on a wreck 70 miles offshore of Naples Feb. 2012. Linebreaker Charters johnrossetti20@comcast.net 239-250-2928
John "JR" Rossetti catches two 70 lb grouper Monster Tarpon caught by Shallow Water Charters in Key West Harbor
Captain John "JR" Rossetti caught this 70 lb Black Grouper 70 miles off Marco in 125 feet of water in Jan. 2012 after chumming heavily. Linebreaker Charters johnrossetti20@comcast.net 239-250-2928 Captain Dale Bishop caught this huge 130 lb Tarpon on a live crab in the Key West Harbor in June 2011. Shallow Water Charters, Cudjoe Key, www.captaindalebishop.com 305-304-3125
200 lb Nurse shark caught off Naples Liz with Snook caught off dock in Naples
Marcel of Naples caught this 200 lb Nurse Shark 5 miles offshore of Marco March 2011. It took 4 hours to land this near record size shark. Liz caught this Snook off her dock in Naples using shrimp scooped from the same waters minutes before. She had a Snook Hole under her 40' dock until Hurricane Wilma tore it to pieces in 2005.
Crevalle Jack caught in Naples Rex holding a huge snook caught off Marco Island
Sarah Jane caught this Crevalle Jack in June 2011 inshore Naples while on a charter with Captain Zeke of Southern Viking Charters 239.682.7286 Rex of Naples fishing in Marco Island at night using live mullet under a dock from a boat during a lightning storm and 30 knot winds (fun fishing). Southern Viking Charters 239.682.7286


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