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Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingThere are dozens of artifical reefs and fishing spots off Cedar Key in Levy County offering year round fishing fun. Just offshore is the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge and Seahorse Key offering excellent fishing opportunities. There are seasonal closures of fishing areas in Levy County so be sure to check locally as to the accessibility of your desired fishing location.
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Site ID / Reef Name Materials Latitude Longitude D R
LV-1 Cedar Key Reef Site 2a 333 Yards Concrete Rubble 2858.712 8312.099 26  
LV-2 Cedar Key Reef Site 2b 27 Pieces of Pipe 2858.91 8312 26  
LV-3 Cedar Key Reef Site 2c 25 Pieces of Pipe 2858.93 8311.91 26  
LV-4 Cedar Key Reef Site 2d 13 Concrete Pyramids 6x5x5 Manhole Covers Culverts 2858.95 8312.01 26 4
LV-5 Deadman Key Island 2859.165 8245.973    
LV-6 Suwannee Regional Reefs Concrete Module Sites 2859.18 8319.11 40 3
LV-7 Suwannee Regional Reef A 16 Cubes x 740 Feet (225 M) North Patch 2859.181 8319.063 40 3
LV-8 Suwannee Regional Reef B 4 Cubes x 80 Feet (25 M) North Patch 2900.011 8320.06 40 3
LV-9 Pumpkin Island Island in Withlacoochee Bay 2900.732 8245.073    
LV-10 Helverson Island Island west of Yankeetown 2901.432 8244.123    
LV-11 Jubb Island Island in Withlacoochee Bay 2901.699 8245.24    
LV-12 Suwannee Regional Reef C 16 Cubes x 80 Feet (25 M) North Patch 2901.91 8321.419 40 3
LV-13 Hodges Island Island in Withlacoochee Bay 2902.149 8245.473    
LV-14 Suwannee Regional Reef D 4 Cubes x 740 Feet (225 M) North Patch 2902.684 8321.25 40 3
LV-15 Seahorse Reef Bar - Fishing Area 2902.998 8307.074    
LV-16 Bird Rock Island NW of Yankeetown 2903.348 8246.29    
LV-17 Waccasassa Bay Preserve State Park accessible only by boat - great fishing 2903.45 8243.6    
LV-18 Bird Island Island NW of Yankeetown 2903.965 8248.423    
LV-19 Levy 2 Big Bend Reefs 96 Pre-Fabricated Cubes 1 Meter on a side 50M Hexagon 2904.67 8255.02 18 3
LV-20 Levy 1 Big Bend Reefs 24 Pre-Fabricated Cubes 1 Meter on a side Hexagon 2904.96 8254.73 21 3
LV-21 Suwannee Regional Reef E 4 Cubes x 740 Feet (225 M) North Patch 2905.194 8324.191 40 3
LV-22 Suwannee Regional Reef F 16 Cubes x 80 Feet (25M) North Patch 2905.776 8324.774 40 3
LV-23 Cedar Key Reef Site 1 108 Concrete Modules 35inx20inx12in 2906.111 8313.203 23  
LV-24 Cedar Key 1b 108 Stone Crab Modules 2906.412 8312.896 23  
LV-25 Cedar Key Reef Site 3a 60 Pieces Concrete Culverts 18 to 40 Inches 2906.621 8325.824 36  
LV-26 Cedar Key Reef Site 3b 36 Pipes and 6 Slabs 2906.629 8325.892 36  
LV-27 Deadmans Key Island SE of Cedar Key 2906.731 8304.49    
LV-28 Waccasassa Reefs Bar - Fishing Area 2906.815 8251.94    
LV-29 Cedar Key Reef Site 3c 20 Pieces of Pipe 2906.83 8325.52 36  
LV-30 Cedar Key Reef Site 3d 43 Pieces of Pipe 2906.84 8325.57 36  
LV-31 Cedar Key Reef Site 3e 53 Pieces of Pipe 2906.87 8325.5 36  
LV-32 Cedar Key Reef Site 3f 33 Pieces of Pipe 2906.92 8325.72 36  
LV-33 Grassy Key Island south of Cedar Key 2907.065 8302.491    
LV-34 Cedar Key 31 40 Stone Crab Modules 2907.231 8313.465 23  
LV-35 Coal Ash Reef Experimental Coal Ash Concrete Blocks 2907.266 8312.3 25  
LV-36 Cedar Key Reef a Concrete Culverts 2907.314 8313.555 25  
LV-37 Cedar Key 1c 80 Stone Crab Modules 2907.334 8313.408 23  
LV-38 Cedar Key Reef b Concrete Culverts 2907.348 8313.557 25  
LV-39 Atsena Otie Key Island south of Cedar Key 2907.348 8301.607    
LV-40 Cedar Key 1d 85 Stone Crab Modules 2907.356 8313.386 23  
LV-41 Cedar Key 1e 87 Stone Crab Modules 2907.365 8313.402 23  
LV-42 Cedar Key 1f 85 Stone Crab Modules 2907.369 8313.347 23  
LV-43 North Key Island west of Cedar Key 2907.865 8305.191    
LV-44 Dog Island Island east of Cedar Key 2908.431 8300.924    
LV-45 Corrigan Reef Bar - Long Sandy Reef with rocks and ridges - good fishing 2908.681 8258.991    
LV-46 Gomez Keys Island NW of Cedar Key 2908.831 8304.291    
LV-47 Cedar Keys Islands north of Cedar Key 2909.481 8302.791    
LV-48 Rattlesnake Key Island NW of Cedar Key 2909.515 8303.857    
LV-49 Havens Island Island north of Cedar Key 2909.665 8301.624    
LV-50 Lone Cedar Island Island in Waccasassa Bay 2909.832 8248.507    
LV-51 Candy Island Island north of Cedar Key 2909.965 8302.341    
LV-52 White City Bridge 1 Steel and Concrete Rubble From White City Bridge 2910.011 8338.978 55 9
LV-53 Live Oak Key Island NE of Cedar Key 2910.015 8300.041    
LV-54 McClamory Key Island north of Cedar Key 2911.248 8304.341    
LV-55 Derrick Key Island NW of Cedar Key 2911.315 8305.107    
LV-56 Suwannee Reef Bar - Fishing Area 2912.065 8306.474    
LV-57 Hog Island Island north of Cedar Key 2912.415 8304.474    
LV-58 Garden Island Island SE Suwannee Sound 2912.931 8304.291    
LV-59 Buck Island Island north of Cedar Key 2912.965 8304.757    
LV-60 Horse Island Island SE Suwannee Sound 2913.048 8303.757    
LV-61 Lone Cabbage Island Island SE Suwannee Sound 2913.364 8304.941    
LV-62 Raleigh Islands Island in Suwannee Sound 2913.481 8303.974    
LV-63 Lone Cabbage Key Island in Suwannee Sound 2913.664 8305.008    
LV-64 Deer Island Island in Suwannee Sound 2914.148 8304.741    
LV-65 Clark Island Island in Suwannee Sound 2914.498 8303.674    
LV-66 Suwannee Regional G 4 Cubes x 80 Feet (25M) North Patch 2915.162 8329.604 40 3
LV-67 Betty Castor Reef Concrete Modules HS Project Poly Drums with Concrete 2916.5 8323 22  
LV-68 East Pass Suwannee River to Gulf fishing area 2916.56 8306.68    
LV-69 Hog Island Island in Suwannee Sound 2918.415 8308.041    

D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
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