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See who has the best fishing catch for the month in Florida. Every month we bring you the best of the best catches. Big fish, little fish, and unusual fish. Catch and Release fish pictures too. Join the fun and send us your pictures.

10 Pound Largemouth Bass Caught on Island Lake, Florida

2 boys on a small boat on a lake holding a large mouth bass
The boys had a very successful fishing trip catching this huge 10lb Largemouth bass using a popper frog on Island Lake.
2 boys on a small boat on a lake holding a 10 lb large mouth bass


Red Snapper Family Fun on Opening Day off Fort Walton

June 2022 - Brian H.'s family does it again on opening day catching their limit on red snapper off Fort Walton. Thomas, Abbigail and Marilyn showing off their catch!

three kids on a dock pointing to their red snapper catch


Red Snapper Family Fun on Opening Day off Destin

June 2021 - Brian H.'s kids showing off their red snapper catch on opening Day. Marilyn 10, Thomas 13, and Abbigail 12 fishing SW out of Destin on our boat.

3 kids on a dock pointing to the red snapper they have hooked on the wall of a covered dock

boy holding up 2 red snappers on a dock9 red snapper lined up on a dock


Cobia off Destin Pass

April 2021 - Steve caught this 48 pound Cobia out of Destin Pass and noted fishing has been real good this month!

man holding a huge 48 pount Cobia fish on a dock

Nassau Grouper off Key Largo

January 2021 - William D. caught this Nassau grouper using our Fishing & Dive Sties Memory Card GPS numbers off Key Largo. He went to several spots, several miles offshore and said he had a fantastic time fishing!

man on boat holding a nassau grouper from a orange lip grip


32" Snook Caught in the Port of the Isles

November 2020 - 32 inch snook was caught and released in Port of the Isles by 8 year old Rosco Varon

boy holding a huge snook fish


31" Redfish in the St. John's River in Palatka

August 2019 - Caught by my wife but it was too heavy for her to hold. Robert and Mandy Stephenson 

man in a bathing suit with a straw hat holding a huge redfish on the bow of a boattwo red fish on a boat, one bigger than another


10 Pound Bass Caught on Lake Jovita, Dade City

March 2018 - Matthew R. of Palm City, Florida caught this massive 10 pound bass on Lake Jovita Golf Course using a watermelon trick worm.  

man with a sun rag on face holding a 10 pound bass at sunset


Gulf Red Grouper off Englwood Beach

July 2017 - Jennifer C. caught a lot of fish on a fishing trip with her parents off Englewood Beach. This red grouper is a beauty!

woman holding a red grouper on a boat in the gulf of mexico off naples


40 lb Cobia Caught in Sarasota County

June 2017 - Nick S. caught this amazing Cobia in the Myakka River. The fish was just over 40 inches and weighing in at an estimated 40 plus lbs.It was caught and let go free.

young man on a boat holding a cobia fish


60 lb Wahoo 60 miles off Johns Pass, Madeira Beach

May 2017 - A few of us headed out for the first day of Snapper season and my Dad's annual Birthday fishing trip. My dad has always been the "Just one more cast" fisherman. After loading up our limit of snapper in 30 minutes, we decided to try another spot to catch some grouper. My dad like always said ok just one more drop down. He got about 20ft down and stopped the line to grab a drink before reeling up his next snapper. When he turned around to dig into the cooler his line took off! the fish ran straight to the top and away from the boat so we knew it wasn't a snapper! Back and forth, under and around the boat and one time around the anchor line (Luckily we worked as a team and handed the rod under the anchor line so we didn't get broken off. We finally saw color and it was a huge 60lb Wahoo! Being the biggest fish we have ever caught on our boat we thought it was only right to use the side door to pull the fish through. After it was all said and done, it was a great birthday memory and an awesome fish story! - Dustin C.

man holding a wahoo fish on a boat


125 lb Tarpon off Sanibel Island

Feb 2017 - Jack of Bonita Springs caught this 125 pound tarpon off Sanibel Island on a sunny day during a slack tide.

man on a boat holding a huge tarpon


White Marlin

September 2016 - Sam caught this white marlin in Florida.

men on a boat holding a white marlin


50 lb Black Grouper off Naples

May 2016 - Troy Tudor caught this 50 pound black grouper 100 miles off Gordon Pass.

man holding a 50 pound black grouper on a boat in Naples


Huge Snook Catch South of Goodland

May 2016 - Andrew Lang, 15 years old, proudly caught this huge 38 inches/ 20+ lb snook. Andrew was fishing offshore South of Goodland on a nearshore wreck using a 3/8 Yellow Jig with Gulp bait on a boat with Captain Ken Chambers.

Boy holding a huge snook on a boat


A Rare Catch! Snook in Jacksonville

April 2016 - Rustin Murray, a seasoned angler, caught this snook from shore in Jacksonville. Rustin says "the last snook I heard of being caught in Jacksonville was in 2012. That is that the fish was reported being caught. We catch trout up here the way you guys catch snook in south Florida. He hit my hard bait so hard that I thought it was a redfish. The trout's mouth is a lot softer than the snooks. It's a lot harder to catch the big trout the way you guys catch the big snook. So you can say I'm way jealous. Really the only reason I submitted the picture is because of the location we caught it in Northern Florida. It is very rare to catch one up here. Hopefully that means the water is warming up nicely. Most of them died off up here in 1989 with a hard freeze. They were floating up on the beach is everywhere here back then and then again in 2010. Lord knows I was not proud of the size of the fish only the species." See more images of this catch on our Snook webpage.

man holding a snook fish caught in jacksonville from shore fishing


Bull Redfish Caught from Dock in Jacksonville

March 2016 - Rustin Murray caught this bull redfish while fishing from a dock north of the Little jetties in Jacksonville. Notice the big letter R on it's side, pretty cool!

man holding a huge bull redfish on a dock


Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) Caught off Boca Raton

Tracey caught several mahi mahi on her fishing trip in September 2015 off Boca Raton. This good sized dolphin fish was the largest of the day.

girl holding up a large mahi mahi dolphin fish on a dock


Record Breaking Yellowtail Snapper Catch

February 2015 - Jeff Bowles, 20 years old, caught this huge yellowtail snapper on February 1st, 70 miles out in the Gulf off Boca Grande Pass. Jeff used 20 pound test and 20 pound line. This yellowtail qualifies for the Florida state record at 10.2 pounds, 32 inches and was being weighed on a certified scale to submit to the state for recognition.

Angler holding a record 10.5 pound yellowtail snapper

Lobster Mini Season in Fort Pierce

Man holding 2 huge spiny lobsters caught during the 2014 Lobster Mini Season

August 2014 - Bill D'Antuono of Naples Spearfishing League attended Lobster Mini Season in Fort Pierce. Bill caught his limit both days and most were Monster-sized Bugs.

Crevalle Jack in Rookery Bay off Marco Island

boy holds a crevalle jack with a lip grip on a boat

July 2014 - 11 year old Matthew Must was visiting Southwest Florida from Palisades, New York and was thrilled to catch this Crevalle Jack using live shrimp under a popping cork.

Red Snapper Offshore of Naples

Man on a boat holding a huge pink red snapper

June 2014 - You don't see a lot of red snappers in Naples! Stevie and his buddies go out a hundred miles and land big fish like this beauty.


Rare Sailfish Catch for Naples

men and a boy holding up a sailfish on a boat in naples

May 2014 - It's not often a sailfish is caught off Naples! Anglers on a trip with Captain John "JR" Rossetti can say they had a catch of a lifetime. Captain JR takes his clients far offshore to his secret spots and never fails to bring back some amazing big fish, we have pictures all over this website to prove it.


Record 120# Amberjack in the northern Gulf of Mexico

2 men standing beside a 120 pound amberjack that is suspended from a crane

April 2014 - A 1 hour 20 minute fight on a 20 wide, this AJ put up a tough fight. Weighing in at 120 lbs, the angler was told it is in the top ten largest ever for Louisiana. Check out more pictures from this trip on our Bragging Rights page.

Hot Gulf Action for Yellowfin Tuna

man on a boat holidng up a huge yellowfin tuna

March 2014 - This monster yellowfin tuna was caught offshore of Venice, Louisiana where the action was non-stop and red snapper is legal! Check out our Bragging Rights page for more pictures of this trip.


Huge Wahoo off Key West

man holding a 40 pound wahoo fish in front of a marina

Feb 2014 - This 40+ pound wahoo is one of many magnificent catches by a group of anglers from Ft Myers Beach on their recent trip off Key West. The guys were high speed trolling in 200 feet of water. View more images on our Bragging Rights page.


Tampa Bay Snook

man holding a huge snook fish

Jan 2014 - Dylan Cole caught this big snook in Tampa Bay. See more pictures submitted by Dylan on our Bragging Rights page.


December 2013 - Kayak Fishing for Bass in Tallahassee

4 big bass on the front of a kayak

Christopher Earnhart caught some nice bass while fishing from his kayak in Tellahassee. See more of Christopher's catches on our Bragging Rights page.

November 2013 - Big Shark from the Beach in Englewood

man poses on the beach with a 200 lb nurse shark

Donnie Mullins caught this Nurse shark from shore in Stump Pass State Park. Donnie used a 4/0, Penn reel, Bonita bait while fishing on a kayak out at night 300 to 400 yds from shore, landing it on June 2012 4:00 AM. The weather was clear and it was low tide. The shark measured from tip to tail 7' 8" estimated with an weight of 200 lbs.

October 2013 - Indian River's Huge Sea Trout

Man holds huge Sea Trout on a dock

Taylor from Port Saint Lucie brings in a big sea trout on 20 lb mono using live finger mullet at Sailfish Point, Indian River. #TeamLunkerJunkies

September 2013 - Young Angler Catches Big Bass

Boy holding lunker bass

Lunker Louie caught this 9 pound, 1 ounce lunker in his Great Grandma's back yard on Lake Istokpoga. Louie's Grandfather tells us "I think he could pull a trophy out of a mud puddle." Louie is on the cover of the July 2013 Florida Fishing Regulations brochure. Keep your eyes on this young angler, he is on the road to becoming Florida's top freshwater angler! Visit his Facebook page and see his lunker catches.


August 2013 - Kingfish & Wahoo at the Mexico Beach Tournament

group of men hold a huge kingfish and wahoo with girl in bathing suit

MBARA's 17th Annual Kingfish Tournament winners show off a 23 pound wahoo and a 44 pound kingfish. The tournament had 555 anglers aboard 139 boats with 22 Kingfish, 11 Spanish Mackerel, and 3 Wahoo weighed in. Visit Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association's website for more great catches from this tournament.


July 2013 - Massive 10 lb Hogfish Speared in the Tortugas

man in dive suit holds a 10 pound hogfish on a boat with spearfishing poles in the background

Pat Hill of Naples Spearfishing League caught this trophy hogfish on The Ultimate Getaway out of Fort Myers in the Totrugas.


June 2013 - Big African Pompano off Naples

Man in wetsuit holding huge African Pompano

Bill D'Antuono of Naples Spearfishing League shot this huge African Pompano on L-Tower off Naples.


April 2013 - Rare Catch! Bigeye Thresher Shark off Miami

man holding shark in the water, a bigeye thresher shark showing its big eyes

The Bigeye Thresher Shark is a protected species and a very rare catch. Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 Charters of Miami Beach caught 2 Bigeyes in 2 days, what a feat. Notice the man holding the fish, he is our man holding the snook on all our webpages, Captain Abie Raymond.


March 2013 - Colorful Mahi Mahi & Snapper in Miami

2 men on a boat holding a huge dolphin mahi mahi and a pink mutton snapper

Dinner is served 21 lb mahi mahi and 19 lb mutton snapper caught by Nate and Van Stapleton on a charter with Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 Charters of Miami Beach (305) 439-2475,


February 2013 - Big Black Drum on Indian River Lagoon

man on a boat with sun glasses holding a big black drum fish

Capt. Bryan Miller from an undisclosed location in the Indian River Lagoon caught this 33'' 25 lb Black Drum on 10 lb Mono in 2 feet of water.


January 2013 - Huge Redfish on the Northern Gulf

Man holding a huge redfish on a boat

Craig and his buddies towed their boat from Illinois and went fishing on the northern Gulf of Mexico. In Craigs words "This is day one - 3 hours. Craziest fishing I have ever done. What an unbelievable place to fish." The guys were forced to fish inshore due to heavy fog. They caught numerous Redfish of this size and dozens of red snapper. To see what these guys caught on day two, check out our Bragging Rights picture.


December 2012 - Huge Queen Snapper off Marathon

Man holding a pink colored  Queen snapper on a boat

One of our Florida Go Fising anglers Lui caught this magnificent Queen snapper off Marathon on Dec 9th in 650 feet of water aboard BITIT. He used for bait a fresh piece of Blackfin tuna that he caught minutes before.


November 2012 - Wild Wahoo Fight off Miami

2 guys holding a huge Wahoo fish on a boat off miami

This huge Wahoo gave London resident Nick, on his first offshore adventure, a furious fight. He will be back for another exciting trip with Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 Charters of Miami Beach (305) 439-2475.


October 2012 - Huge Cobia in the North Atlantic

Two men showing off their cobia, one is so big it is stug up

Two anglers from Illinois catch huge Cobia in the northern Atlantic. The one on the right is so big it had to be strung up!


September 2012 - MBARA Kingfish Annual Tournament Winner

2 men holding the Kingfish tournament winning fish with a girl in orange bathing suit

The annual Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association Kingfish Tournament was once again a success. The 1st Place King Mackerel caught weighed in at 41.25 pounds. 144 boats with 577 anglers entered the tournament catching a total of 29 King Mackerel, 9 Spanish Mackerel, and 1 Wahoo. 2012 Miss Kingfish (in the orange swimsuit) is Ashley Payne. Proceeds from this tournament will be used to build more artificial reefs.


August 2012 - Shortfin Mako Shark caught off Fort Lauderdale

Man standing above his Shortfin Mako Shark

This gentleman caught this Shortfin Mako Shark while on a charter boat out of Port Everglades. There were a lot of Makos out there that day stealing bait and Bonito's as they were being reeled in. See more pictures of this big shark on Florida Go Fishing's Facebook Album.


July 2012 - 39" Red Snapper off Fort Pierce

Man holding a huge Red Snapper on a boat off Fort Pierce

Robert caught this 39" Red Snapper on the 4th of July off Fort Pierce while on a charter with Captain Tris of Last Mango Fishing Charters. Red Snapper season has been closed on the Atlantic coast for many years so Robert had to gently release the Monster.


June 2012 - Rare 48" Spotted Hound Needlefish off Key West

Boy holding Hound Needfish, the fish is as big as the boy

Captain Craig Eubank's son Zach is as big as this rare 48" Spotted Hound Needlefish he is holding which was caught off Key West on a reef. The angler who caught this rare fish had it mounted. Commonly this fish is seen on inshore reefs at 18 to 24 inches. The Spotted Hound Needlefish are very aggressive and have stuck people snorkeling before. A few years ago a little girl here in Key West got impaled by one while snorkeling in the backcountry. You can call Captain Eubank at 305-360-3409 for some great fishing in Key West or visit his website www.AbsolutFishingKeyWest.com.


May 2012 - Mutton Snapper off Marco Island

Mutton Snapper held by man on dock

Joe caught this big Mutton Snapper 40 miles offshore of Marco Island in 100 feet of water using Pinfish for bait on a charter with Linebreaker Charters of Isles of Capri.


April 2012 - World Record Permit off Miami

Man holding a huge Permit fish on a boat

This world record Permit ate a live Crab over a Miami artificial reef and made Keith's trip from New Jersey more than memorable. Keith will be back for another trip with Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncer's Dusky 33 Charters of Miami Beach (305) 439-2475.


March 2012 - Dolphin off Fort Pierce

36 lb Dolphin caught off Fort Pierce

36 lb Dolphin caught in 160' of water due east of Fort Pierce on the" Last Mango" Saturday, March 3rd by Gary Raketich of Orlando. Caught on a circle hook rigged with Ballyhoo using 20 lb test 'Suffix' main line and 60 lb Ande leader. Crowder custom sailfish rod and Shimano TLD20 reel. "Fish the Mango" - Our 40' Custom Mitchabitch Express - Capt. Tris Colket 772.559.0594 - www.lastmango-charters.com


February 2012 - Black Drum near Naples Pier

Captain Zeke catches a 31 lb black drum

Capt. Zeke Schryver caught this 31 pound Black Drum using a jig tipped with shrimp in 16 feet of water off Naples Pier. Heidi, Katherine, Joanne, and Barbara helped Captain Zeke while on a Sunset Wine Cruz Feb.18th, 2012 with Southern Viking Charters 239.682.7286.


January 2012 - Black Groupers off Marco Island

John "JR" Rossetti catches two 70 lb grouper

Captain John "JR" Rossetti of Isles of Capri caught two 70 lb Black Groupers along with a smaller one, several large Snapper and Amberjacks on a wreck 70 miles off Marco Island in 125 feet of water on January 6, 2012. JR said it only took 5 minutes to bring each fish aboard and he chummed heavily prior to dropping a line.

Note: For those of you who do not know the rules, these Black Grouper were caught off Naples on the Gulf and were legal when caught. Season doesn't close on the Gulf until Feb 1st.

  • Closed Gulf of Mexico (excluding Monroe County) Feb 1 - March 31, same for Federal Gulf waters
  • Closed Atlantic & Monroe County Jan 1 - April 30, same for Federal Atlantic waters
  • 4 per Harvester per day Gulf


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Nurse Shark caught off Naples
Marcel from Naples caught this 200 lb Nurse Shark 5 miles offshore of Marco Island. It took 4 hours to land this near record size shark.

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