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Southeast Florida runs from Martin County in the north to Miami-Dade County in the south, all bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Southeast Florida offshore fishing starts very close to shore as the Gulf Stream runs the closest here than anywhere else in Florida. There are three distinct ridges running south to north offering natural reefs that support a large variety of marine life. Florida is known as The Shipwreck Capital of the World and Southeast Florida has a large majority of these wrecks including many treasure ships. The whole area is littered with shipwrecks offering both anglers and divers hundreds of sites to explore. Each of the 4 counties in this region is very active in deploying artificial reefs to increase habitat and to give anglers and divers more opportunities. For the inshore angler there are mangrove islands on the intercoastal waterways. For the surf and beach angler Martin County beaches span 21.5 miles, Palm Beach County has 47 miles, Broward County has 24 miles, and Miami-Dade County has 22 miles of beaches and 67 square miles of inland waterways. For the freshwater angler the Everglades and National Parks offers limitless fresh and brackish fishing.

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