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Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingBroward County, from Hollywood Beach to Pompano Beach including Fort Lauderdale in the middle, has 23 miles of reefs on the South East Florida Reef Tract. There are three distinct ridges of natural reefs called 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Reefs all of which run from North Miami to Palm Beach. The reefs are very close to shore, the furthest is only 1 mile from shore, where the Gulf Stream baths the reefs with clean, clear water and attracts hundreds of fish species. You don't have to go far to find good fishing in the Fort Lauderdale area! Sprinkled in and around these reefs are hundreds of wrecks and artificial reefs for your fishing adventures. The Greater Fort Lauderdale area is known as "The Wreck Capital of the World" with over 100 shipwrecks on 23 miles of reefs in 30 to 300 feet of water-this area is truly an anglers & divers paradise. star iconSoutheast Reefs & Shipwrecks GPS File Downloads pdf iconPDF kml icon KML gpx iconGPX 

Site ID / Reef Name Materials / Description D R
BR-1 Cruz del Sur 287' German Freighter 1956 Tronsta Eva smugglr 230  
BR-2 Conmar 231 ton Cargo Ship 830  
BR-3 Eben-Ezer-2 85' Island Freighter Governors Riverwalk 70 24
BR-4 Hollywood Reef - Site E 10 Reef 12 Pallet 12 Bay Balls 70 4
BR-5 Hollywood - Site E 2 Steel Barges 30 Reefballs 180 Pcs Concre Pipe 65 6
BR-6 Curry Reef E 30' Steel Barge with Crane Boom Pieces 75  
BR-7 Donald G McAllister 101'x26'x25' Steel Hulled NY Harbor Tugboat 70 25
BR-8 Captain DeDe 50' Concrete Sailboat 74  
BR-9 Dantor 160' Steel Freighter Governors Riverwalk 128 35
BR-10 Summerfield 40'x12' Ferro Cement Sailboats 70 10
BR-11 Sea Con Reef - NSWC Arrays 2 Acoustic Steel Arrays and Concrete 74  
BR-12 Michelline 32'x12' Ferro Cement Sailboat 70 10
BR-13 Miss Dania Beach 126' Canadian Naval Vessel 71 27
BR-14 Emmi Boggs - Site E 55'x14' LCM Barge 75 5
BR-15 Grady Hopper Barge 61'x31' Barge With 150 tons of Limestone 70 12
BR-16 Curry Reef 30'x20' Steel Barge with Crane Boom Pieces 75  
BR-17 Crazy Jim 39' Wooden Hull Vessel 822  
BR-18 USS Memphis Mitigation 1 Limestone Boulders 40  
BR-19 USS Memphis Mitigation 2 Warren Modules 40  
BR-20 USS Memphis Mitigation 3 Ajacks 40  
BR-21 USS Memphis Mitigation 4 Reefballs 40  
BR-22 ATT Mitigation DERM Modules 40  
BR-23 Erojacks Dania Hundreds Erojacks Perpendicular to Shore 12 8
BR-24 Sama 565 ton Nicaraguan Freighter 1922 cargo bananas 355  
BR-25 Barracuda Reef-Southicon mooring buoy ok to fish Ledges with 25 mooring buoys    
BR-26 JUL Reef 6 Boulder Mounds 10  
BR-27 Joes Nightmare Barge 90'x30' Steel Barge 217  
BR-28 Barracude Reef-Centericon mooring buoy ok to fish Center of 25 Mooring Buoys 35 15
BR-29 Chris Craft Molds Chris Craft Boat Molds 210  
BR-30 Barracuda Reef-Northicon mooring buoy ok to fish Ledges with 25 mooring buoys 35 15
BR-31 Te Amo - Site D 104' Wood Racing Sailboat 1925 near Stardancer 215  
BR-32 Hammerhead Reef 2.5 mile Reef runs Port Everglades cut ending at Dania Pier 80 18
BR-33 Marriott Reef - Site D 94' DC-4 Airplane 71 5
BR-34 Port Everglades Inlet GPS Waypoint aka Harbor inlet    
BR-35 Spotfin Reef Ledge w crevices and caves-Best fishing west side near drop 65  
BR-36 Yankee Clipper Erojacks Hundreds 4' Concr Erojacks E - W Patch Reefs 25 8
BR-37 Kathryn Dwyer 36' Vessel 82  
BR-38 C-54 Airplane 4 Engine C-54 Airplane cir 1945 sunk as AR 71  
BR-39 Osborne Barge Erojacks and Tires 65 8
BR-40 Moonshot; River Bend 45' Steel Vessel 70 10
BR-41 Houseboat 70' Steel Houseboat and other Vessels 95 12
BR-42 Port Everglades Reef Concrete Piers 145  
BR-43 Grady Barges 2 Steel Barges each 23x43'x4' 191 4
BR-44 Tracor Navy Drydock Site D 200' Stl DryDock upright Hull Molds Sm Vessels 210 60
BR-45 AFDL-8 Former Navy Floating Dry Dock 220  
BR-46 Nova AR 1 Artificial Reef 70 8
BR-47 Qualmann Barge 100' Barge 145 6
BR-48 Nova AR 2 Artificial Reef    
BR-49 Reuben Reef PVC Structure Tote Machines 70  
BR-50 US Concrete Pipe Concrete Pipe Culverts 70  
BR-51 Rinker Experimental Deep 20 Pre-Fab Cubes 1x1 MeterNova Layer Cake Units 70 3
BR-52 Chevron 1 12 Service Station Steel Fuel Tanks 73  
BR-53 Chris Coffman Mem Reefballs 11 Reefballs (4 Reefball 2 Pallet 4 Bayball) 23 3
BR-54 Rinker Deep Site 8 Pallet Balls 65  
BR-55 Rinker Experimental Shoal 40 Pre-Fab Cubes 1x1 MeterNova Layer Cake Units 23 3
BR-56 Four Reef Balls 4 Pallet Balls 62 Total 24 4
BR-57 The Caves - Twin Ledges Sicon mooring buoy ok to fish Broken Ledge w fingers caves-2 m N Port Everglades Inlet 30  
BR-58 Nova Tire Chip - Rubber Reef 4 Reefs 50 Tetrahedrons each 25 Sm 25 Lrg 23 5
BR-59 Nova Reefballs-Midwater Prefabricated Concrete Reefball Modules 45 4
BR-60 Eagle Scout Reefballs C 24 Reefballs - 15 Pallet and 3 Bay Balls 23 3
BR-61 Monomy 82' Wooden Luxury Yacht broken on side 60  
BR-62 Nova Deep Reefballs 30 Pallet Balls Nova Experiment 69  
BR-63 The Caves - Centericon mooring buoy ok to fish Center of 10 Mooring Buoys 30  
BR-64 Great Lakes Pontoons and Pipe 170  
BR-65 The Caves - Twin Ledges Nicon mooring buoy ok to fish Broken Ledge w fingers caves-2 m N Port Everglades Inlet 30  
BR-66 Spaghetti Barge Barge and Small Vessels 105  
BR-67 Deep Reef Balls C 5 Pallet and 1 Bay Ball 144 4
BR-68 Powell Barge Barge DB24 with Cement Mixer Drums Pilings 314  
BR-69 NSWC Cable Spools - Site D Cable Spools 150 6
BR-70 Cheveron 3 Service Station Fuel Tanks 190  
BR-71 Hog Heaven 170'x70'x11' Barge upside Lt House Towers Pipe 69 15
BR-72 Wayne 120' Barge 200' NNE from Hog Heaven - lots of fish 70  
BR-73 Pipe And Pontoon Steel Pipes part of Hog Heaven 70  
BR-74 Nova/Swiss Cheese - Shallow 30 Concrete Cubes many hole sizes Nova Research 24 3
BR-75 Nova/Rinker Project 30 Concrete Swiss Cheese Modules 67  
BR-76 Sherida Express C-1 Reef 143'x28' Coastal Freighter aka Pee Wee Vreeland 25 35
BR-77 Osborne Tire Reef Thousands Loose Tires 60' Barge Concr Culverts 64 3
BR-78 Grouper Grotto - Chevron 2 60' Barge 15 Fuel Tanks Culverts Dredge Pipe 150 6
BR-79 Matts Barge Barge upside down with Tires and Rubble 70 10
BR-80 Unnamed Barge Center of Osborne Tire Reef 70 15
BR-81 Eternal Reefs 1 15 Eternal Reef Balls 65 4
BR-82 Eternal Reefs 2 18 Eternal Reef Balls 65 6
BR-83 Eternal Reef C2 12 Reefballs Three Sizes1-4x6 3-3x4 8-2x3 65 3
BR-84 DNR Barges - Hog Haven Barge Pieces 70  
BR-85 Dog Pile - C-2 Reef 100 Feet Diameter 491 tons Limestone Boulders 65 10
BR-86 Bulk Trader 180' Freighter part of Governors Riverwalk 313 40
BR-87 Trio Bravo 149'x27' Ice Breaking Tug 1898 as Cumberland 145 20
BR-88 Duzaway Houseboat 70' Old Houseboat patch reef near 3 wrecks 87 18
BR-89 Nova Reefball Study 30 Pallet Balls 70  
BR-90 Frank Baker 100 ton Trawler 155  
BR-91 Oakland Ridge-Southicon mooring buoy ok to fish Ridges Ledges Caves w swiss cheese holes on top-lobsters 30  
BR-92 Bill Boyd Reef - Site C 211' German Freighter built 1964 265 60
BR-93 Nova Reef Roc Artificial Reef 201 Reef Roc Units 43 1
BR-94 Wendy Rossheim - Our House III 118' Steel Defoe Christmaster cir 1945 damaged 65  
BR-95 Paul Sherman - Salvager III 56' Salvage Vessel converted Shrimper 70  
BR-96 Robert Edmister - Cape Gull 95' USCG Cutter built 1953 - sits upright 76 30
BR-97 Oakland Ridge-Centericon mooring buoy ok to fish Center of 15 Mooring Buoys 30  
BR-98 Mercedes Iicon represents no spearfishing at this site 197'x30' Steel Freightr 1952 famous Palm Bch Wk 97  
BR-99 Oakland Ridge-Northicon mooring buoy ok to fish Ridges Ledges Caves w swiss cheese holes on top-lobsters 30  
BR-100 Harbour Towne - Pride Wreck 95' Steel Hull Sailboat attached to Jay Scutti 67 23
BR-101 Jay Scutti aka Arikok 95' Dutch Steel Tug cir 1961 marijuana smuggler 67 23
BR-102 Ken Vitale - The Tracey 132'x32'x10' Oil Rig Supply Ship drug traffickr 70 29
BR-103 Merci Jesus - Lauderdale C-2 90'x26'x20' Steel Freighter upright drug smuggl 72 20
BR-104 Poinciana - Jim Atria Reef 240' Dutch Freighter cir 1961 upright 135  
BR-105 Eli Allen 968 ton Schooner - broken up and buried - position approx. 375  
BR-106 Corky Micco Reef - Site C 41' Steel Hulled Sailboat aka Sea Bear 65 6
BR-107 Bruce Mueller Reef Site C 45' Steel Chris Craft built 1955 65  
BR-108 Peter B McAllister 85' Tugboat upright near Corky M Bruce Mueller 69 30
BR-109 Fla League of Anglers C 144' Navy Minesweeper 388 25
BR-110 Rebel - Site C 128'x24' Dutch Freighter 1947 Cornelis smugglr 110 35
BR-111 Ronald B Johnson 170' Freighter 1955 Otto near Corey Chris wks 268  
BR-112 Bud Krohn 183' Steel Spanish Freighter 400  
BR-113 NSWC Cable Spools Cable Spools 150  
BR-114 Unknown Wreck Wreck 109  
BR-115 Chevron - Rodeo 39 Fuel Storage Tanks donated by Chevron 170 5
BR-116 Mako Boat Molds Donated By Mako 240  
BR-117 Pompano Ledge Moorings-Sicon mooring buoy ok to fish Flat Rock Reef runs parallel to shore 1st reef line Pompano 33 15
BR-118 Nova/Swiss Cheese - Deep 29 Concrete Cubes many hole sizes Nova Research 70 3
BR-119 Anglins Ledge-Centericon mooring buoy ok to fish Center of 11 Mooring Buoys    
BR-120 Anglin Pier Reef Reef and Ledge 1 mile offshore of Lauderdale By the Sea Pier 60  
BR-121 Hall of Fame Reef-Southicon mooring buoy ok to fish Ledges with Coral Archways off Lauderdale by the Sea 30  
BR-122 Andys Ledge Ledge Blocks 3rd reef line aka Andy's Hoghole Secret Reef 60  
BR-123 Hall of Fame Reef-Centericon mooring buoy ok to fish Center of 9 Mooring Buoys    
BR-124 Hall of Fame Reef-Northicon mooring buoy ok to fish Ledges with Coral Archways off Lauderdale by the Sea 30  
BR-125 Tote Machines 160 pieces of Steel Tote Machines 200  
BR-126 Copenhagen SSicon mooring buoy ok to fishicon Archaeological Preserve 325'x47'x25' British Cargo 1898 Hist Preserve 35  
BR-127 Cumberland Barge Barge next to Copenhagen 35  
BR-128 Miller Lite - Rodeo Site 186'x29' German Refrig. Cargo 1957 155 50
BR-129 Kornahrens Reef 1800 tons of Navy Sub Netting 140  
BR-130 Caicos Express 188'x29' Dutch Freighter 1956 movie Miami Vice 240  
BR-131 Guy Harvey - Lady Kimberly 185' Steel Haitian Freighter 1957 Pomp Rodeo 135 25
BR-132 Pompano Drop Off-Centericon mooring buoy ok to fish Center of 52 Mooring Buoys    
BR-133 Imor Reef 84' Polish Steel Trawler 165  
BR-134 Lowrance - Mazon Wreck 435'x55' Canadian Freighter built 1953 200 70
BR-135 Mariner 2 - Mary St Phillip 120' Steel Tug sunk with Mariner 2 Barge 125  
BR-136 Renegade - Rodeo Site 150' Dutch Coastal Freighter 1951 as Capri 190 30
BR-137 Jim Torgerson/Fish America 160' US Navy Support Vessel RSB-1 Workboat 120 25
BR-138 Pompano 3rd Reef Ridge Broken Reef with cliffs undercuts on outer reef - lobsters 95 15
BR-139 Capt Dan Garnsey - Hollyhock 175' USCG Buoy Tender Ves 1937 upright intact 110  
BR-140 Alpha - Rodeo Site 85' Riveted Schooner along side Lewis Marine Wk 78  
BR-141 Lewis Marine Wreck 50' Mathis Motoryacht 1928 only engine block 75  
BR-142 Qualmann Tugs 2 32' Inland Tugs upright side by side Rodeo 78  
BR-143 Jay Dorman Panda - Rodeo 130'x22' Luxury English Schooner 1938 port side 78  
BR-144 Corey and Chris - Rodeo Site 120' Dredge Boat called The Trident 244 60
BR-145 Barge 70' Barge 414  
BR-146 Rodeo 25 - Winward Trader 215'x33' Dutch Freighter 1956 upright intact 122  
BR-147 Ronald B Johnson - Otto 230' Bulk Carrier 1955 Vietnam Veterans Reef 240  
BR-148 CG 83421 44 ton Vessel 206  
BR-149 Pompano Ledge-Nicon mooring buoy ok to fish Flat Rock Reef runs parallel to shore 1st reef line Pompano 33 15
BR-150 Dewitt Clinton 150' Steel Dredge Vessl Rodeo Boating Magazine 156  
BR-151 Mariner 1 - Union Express 174' Dutch Freighter broken hull drug runner 108  
BR-152 Papas Reef 170'x28' Freight 1955 Henny T Mac Vac Ebb Tide 265  
BR-153 Mariner 2 Barge 130'x40' Barge deployed with Mary St. Phillips 125  
BR-154 Buddy Merrit - Rodeo Site 70' Barge with Welded Steel Yacht Cradles 414 20
BR-155 Johnny Morris - Rodeo - Sucre 237' German Freighter 1957 Offshore Angler 200  
BR-156 Suzannes Ledges Ledge runs parallel to shore 1st reef line off Pompano Bch 18 5
BR-157 Hillsboro Inlet GPS Waypoint    
BR-158 Attis Bathtub Reef Crater with 10' Ledge east of Hillsboro Inlet 63 10
BR-159 Berry Patch - Site A 65'x16' Tug upright 1940 AL Spencer 2 vessels 65 15
BR-160 Horseshoe Ledge 3 Large Horseshoe Shaped Ledges -2nd Reef line 45 10
BR-161 Abby Too Vertical Ledge runs N to S outer ridge S of Hillsboro Inlet 62 15
BR-162 Lighthouse Ledge Large Reef hills valleys Hillsboro Inlet - lobsters hogfish 85  
BR-163 LaBonte Reef Reef holes and outcroppings runs NWSE off Lighthouse Pointe 45 10
BR-164 Hillsboro Domes Natural Reef with clear visibility N of Hillsboro Inlet 45 10
BR-165 Johnsons Mound Natural Ledge 43 8
BR-166 Qualman Barge - Rodeo Site 100'x32' Steel Barge 69 8
BR-167 Hillsboro Ledge Ledges with holes running N to S outside the Hillsboro Inlet 40 8
BR-168 Opal Towers Caves undercuts ledges 2nd reef line just off of Hillsboro 42 8
BR-169 C-Note Steel Hulled Workboat 60' W of Ancient Mariner 70  
BR-170 Marritt Barge 100'x40' Barge 65  
BR-171 Berry Patch - Chuck-A-Luck 65' Steel Tug AL Spencer 50' Steel Houseboat 70  
BR-172 Ancient Mariner - Nemesis 165'x25' USCG Cutter built 1933 70  
BR-173 Angels Reef 2 Statues of Angels 50  
BR-174 Seperated Rocks Large Rock Islands runs N to S off Deerfield Beach- lobsters 60  
BR-175 Deerfield Pier Concrete Pier Pieces - lots of fish 70 6
BR-179 Rapa Nui Barge 150'x26'x9' upside-down w/1000 tons Rebar, Artwork 70 12
BR-180 Mt. Deerfield 500 tons Limestone Boulders 4x4x2 1.7 NM Boca Inlet 65 16
BR-176 Pennels Reef Dredge Pontoon 30 4
BR-177 Miss Lourdies - Miracle of Life 165'x38' Steel Oil Field Supply cocaine smuggler 140 41
BR-178 Noula Express 114'x23' Danish Freighter 1939 broke in 3 70  

D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
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