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Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingCitrus County offers an abundance of offshore islands, reefs, wrecks, rock piles, grass flats, and oyster bars for your fishing adventures. Also in Citrus County is the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge with 31,000 acres of saltwater bays, estuaries and brackish marshes at the mouth of the Chassahowitzka River. We included GPS coordinates for popular offshore islands where you can enjoy near shore fishing. star iconCentral West Reefs & Shipwrecks
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Site ID / Reef Name Materials Latitude Longitude D R
CT-1 Garden Island Island off Homosassa 2842.12 8237.08    
CT-2 Seven Cabbage Island Island Chassahowitzka Bay 2842.48 8239.42    
CT-3 Slate Island Island off Homosassa 2843.2 8240.02    
CT-4 Long Island Island Homosassa 2843.8 8238.04    
CT-5 Mendit Key Island off Homosassa 2845.42 8241.76    
CT-6 Greenleaf Key Island off Homosassa 2846.14 8241.88    
CT-7 Shell Island 1 Island off Crystal River 2846.2 8241.52    
CT-8 Dog Island 1 Island off Homosassa 2846.38 8241.82    
CT-9 Pompano Key Island off Homosassa 2846.5 8242.06    
CT-10 Ship Rock Island off Homosassa 2846.62 8242.42    
CT-11 Beli Island Island off Homosassa 2846.86 8238.88    
CT-12 Fish Haven 1 36 Fiberglass Boat Molds 2846.894 8303.837 30  
CT-13 Sand Key Island off Homosassa 2847.04 8244.82    
CT-14 Fish Haven 6 Concrete Culverts 5 loads 2847.137 8303.665 30 10
CT-15 County Site 1a 750 cubic yards Concrete Rubble 2847.138 8303.665 30  
CT-16 County Site 1b 750 cubic yards Concrete Rubble 2847.139 8303.665 30  
CT-17 Fish Haven 7 400 cubic yards Concrete Rubble 2847.203 8303.659 30  
CT-18 County Reef Site 1 3 Large Junction Boxes 2847.204 8303.659 30  
CT-19 County Reef Site 2 5 Large Junction Boxes 2847.205 8303.659 30  
CT-20 Fish Haven 5 400 tons Of Concrete Rubble 2847.205 8303.67 30  
CT-21 County Reef Site 3 5 Large Junction Boxes 2847.206 8303.659 30  
CT-22 County Reef Site 4 2 Large Junction Boxes 2847.208 8303.659 30  
CT-23 Phase 1; Fish Haven 1a 221 Pieces of Nested Culverts 2847.274 8303.501 31 9
CT-24 Phase 1 300 Concrete Poles 2847.304 8303.497 31 8
CT-25 Phase 1; Fish Haven 1b 232 Pieces of Nested Culverts 2847.314 8303.476 31 9
CT-26 Fish Haven 2 2000 cubic yards Concrete Rubble 2847.332 8303.528 30  
CT-27 Fish Haven C 500 cubic yards Concrete Rubble 2847.338 8303.547 30  
CT-28 Green Key Island off Homosassa 2847.34 8243.2    
CT-29 Phase 2 Fish Haven 1 10 Lincoln Log Structurs10x10x10 25 Extra Poles 2847.352 8303.491 31 10
CT-30 Phase 3 South 4 Lincoln Log Structures12x12x10 2847.355 8303.429 31 10
CT-31 Phase 3 NE 3 Lincoln Log Structures12x12x10 2847.386 8303.431 31 10
CT-32 Phase 4 40 Piling 20 Slabs 10 Blocks 2 Pipes 15inx35' 2847.386 8303.427 31 7
CT-33 Phase 3 NW 3 Lincoln Log Structures12x12x10 2847.39 8303.441 31 10
CT-34 Phase 4 528 Concrete Pilings 36 Slabs 14 L-Beams 21 Culvrts 2847.43 8303.44 31 9
CT-35 Fish Haven 4 7 Loads Concrete Rubble 2847.459 8303.401 30 15
CT-36 Crawl Key Island off Homosassa 2847.46 8243.5    
CT-37 Fish Haven A 1300 tons Bridge Materials and Concrete Pipes 2847.496 8303.35 30 15
CT-38 Saint Martins Keys Island off Homosassa 2847.52 8244.28    
CT-39 Dog Island Island off Homosassa 2848.72 8241.64    
CT-40 Bird Keys 1 Island off Crystal River 2848.84 8244.94    
CT-41 Pipe Island Island off Homosassa 2848.9 8242    
CT-42 Roach Key Island off Homosassa 2849.02 8244.04    
CT-43 Paradise Island Island off Homosassa 2849.38 8239.96    
CT-44 Rock Island Island off Homosassa 2849.44 8244.46    
CT-45 Bear Island Island off Crystal River 2852.08 8241.22    
CT-46 Charr Island Island off Crystal River 2852.26 8240.68    
CT-47 Bird Keys 2 Island off Crystal River 2852.62 8241.88    
CT-48 Mullet Key Island off Crystal River 2852.86 8241.52    
CT-49 Banana Island Island off Crystal River 2852.98 8235.76    
CT-50 Buzzard Island Island off Crystal River 2853.22 8236    
CT-51 Camp Island Island off Crystal River 2853.88 8239.9    
CT-52 Pine Island Island off Crystal River 2854.36 8239.9    
CT-53 Crystal Reef Bar Reef near Yankeetown 2854.499 8244.856    
CT-54 Fort Island Island off Crystal River 2854.6 8241.52    
CT-55 Citrus 2 Big Bend Reefs 96 PreFab Cubes 1meter a side 50m spaced Hexagon 2854.779 8252.971 26 3
CT-56 Citrus 1 Big Bend Reefs 24 PreFab Cubes 1meter a side 50m spaced Hexagon 2854.997 8252.29 26 3
CT-57 Fish Haven 3 Artificial Reef 2855.3 8252.5    
CT-58 Shell Island 2 Island off Homosassa 2855.32 8241.76    
CT-59 Needle Grass Island Island off Crystal River 2855.38 8241.4    
CT-60 Rocky Island Island off Crystal River 2855.44 8241.4    
CT-61 Negro Island Island off Yankeetown 2856.94 8242.78    
CT-62 Drum Island Island off Yankeetown 2858.26 8244.52    
CT-63 Lutrell Island Island off Yankeetown 2859.04 8244.22    
CT-64 Captain Joe Island Island off Yankeetown 2859.16 8244.82    
CT-65 Burtine Island Island off Yankeetown 2859.52 8244.7    
CT-66 Everett Island Island off Yankeetown 2859.52 8243.8    
CT-67 Chambers Island Island Levy Citrus County border 2859.915 8245.556    

D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
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