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Levy Dixie Taylor Counties Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingTaylor County offers 60 miles of coast line with an abundance of reefs, islands, and fishing areas. Fishing in and around scallop beds and oyster bars also offers excellent fishing. You can also check out neighboring Dixie, Jefferson, or Wakulla counties for more GPS numbers.

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Site ID / Reef Name Materials
TA-1 Buckeye Reef Addition 3 27 Patch Reefs of 2 Towers 2 FH Units and 2 Juniors (162)
TA-2 SFMA Public Reef 8 24 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-3 SFMA Public Reef 7 24 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-4 Buckeye Reef Addition 2 25 FH Towers 25 FH Modules 13 Patch Reefs (50)
TA-5 Buckeye Reef Addition Culverts 40 Concrete Culverts and Pipes
TA-6 SFMA Public Reef 4 16 Pre-Fabricated Cubes One Meter an a Side
TA-7 SFMA Public Reef 4a 24 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-8 Buckeye Addition South Patch 4 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-9 SFMA Public Reef 6 24 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-10 Buckeye Addition Center Patch 4 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-11 Buckeye Addition West Patch 4 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-12 Buckeye Addition East Patch 4 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-13 SFMA-Public Reef 3 16 Pre-Fabricated Cubes One Meter an a Side
TA-14 SFMA Public Reef 3a 24 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-15 Buckeye Reef 56 pcs Lg Scrap Steel from Buckeye Paper Mill
TA-16 Buckeye Addition North Patch 4 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-17 Buckeye Reef Addition 4 21 pcs Lg Metal Scrap Stuctures Buckeye Paper Mill
TA-18 SFMA Public Reef 5 24 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-19 Steinhatchee Reef aka Steinh 1 Scrap Metal and Concrete Rubble
TA-20 N Steinhatchee No.1 Buoy Buoy
TA-21 SFMA Public Reef 2a 24 Modules Concrete Cubes
TA-22 SFMA Public Reef 2 16 Pre-Fabricated Cubes One Meter an a Side
TA-23 401 Wreck Unknown wreck
TA-24 Steinhatchee Reef aka Steinh 2 118 Cubes in L-Shape - South East Corner
TA-25 Little Bank Fishing Area
TA-26 Steinhatchee Reef aka Steinh 3 Concrete Culverts Mixed Metal Boiler Parts
TA-27 Steinhatchee Reef aka Steinh 4 Concrete Culverts and Mixed Metal
TA-28 Steinhatchee Reef aka Steinh 5 Steel Scrap and Steel Boiler Parts
TA-29 SFMA Public Reef 1 16 Pre-Fabricated Cubes One Meter an a Side
TA-30 Cape Saint George Shoal aka Shell Reefs - Bar north side Deadman Bay
TA-31 Nine Mile Sandbar Sandbar
TA-32 Grassy Rack Bird Rack Platform
TA-33 Birdrack 3 Culverts placed circularly around Birdrack
TA-34 Big Grass Island Island
TA-35 Dog Head Fishing Area
TA-36 Andree Reef 2 - Taylor 2 BB 96 Pre-Fabricated Cubes 1 Meter on a side - Hexagon
TA-37 Andree Reef 1 - Taylor 1 BB 24 Pre-Fabricated Cubes 1 Meter on a side - Hexagon
TA-38 Hagans Cove Fishing Area
TA-39 Birdrack 2 Culverts placed circularly around Birdrack
TA-40 Dark Island BR Bird Rack Platform
TA-41 Dark Island Island in Keaton Beach area
TA-42 Keaton Beach Fishing Area
TA-43 Marker 1 - Keaton Bch Channel Fishing Area
TA-44 Dekle Rack Bird Rack Platform
TA-45 Trout Flats Fishing Area
TA-46 Birdrack 1 Culverts placed circularly around Birdrack
TA-47 Adams Beach Fishing Area
TA-48 Spring Warrior Creek Fishing Area
TA-49 Pitts Creek Bird Rack Platform
TA-50 Rocky Point Bird Rack Platform
TA-51 Big Bayou Bird Rack Platform
TA-52 Rock Island Fishing Area
TA-53 Fenholloway River Fishing Area

D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
the time it took you to type a few waypoints into your gps unit, you could of imported hundreds   >Image of florida showing gps marks   image of reef charts showing GPS coordinates

***The omission of symbols on charts does NOT mean it is OK to fish, lobster or spearfish a site - inquire about rules locally.

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  • Due to the Increased and Severity of Recent and Past Hurricane Activity it is Very Possible These Numbers May Be Off.
  • Rules change frequently, always inquire locally before fishing, lobstering, or spearfishing.

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