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Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingJefferson County is the only county on the Panhandle that does not have artificial reefs.
We collected GPS coordinates of fishing spots you can enjoy off the Jefferson County coast. Anglers also venture to neighboring Taylor, Wakulla, and Franklin Counties reefs for excellent fishing. FREE GPS File Downloadspdf iconPDF kml icon KML gpx iconGPX

Site ID / Reef Name Materials D R
JF-1 Gamble Pt Aucilla Fishing Spot    
JF-2 Cabell Point GPS Waypoint    
JF-3 Wills Point GPS Waypoint    
JF-4 Pinhook Creek Entrance Fishing Spot    
JF-5 Little Redfish Point GPS Waypoint    
JF-6 Big Redfish Point GPS Waypoint    
JF-7 Cobb Rocks Islands    
JF-8 Peters Rock Island    

D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
the time it took you to type a few waypoints into your gps unit, you could of imported hundreds   >Image of florida showing gps marks   image of reef charts showing GPS coordinates

***The omission of symbols on charts does NOT mean it is OK to fish, lobster or spearfish a site - inquire about rules locally.

  • Not for Navigational Use. GPS Numbers Are Not Guaranteed. There are No Warranties Expressed or Implied.
  • Due to the Increased and Severity of Recent and Past Hurricane Activity it is Very Possible These Numbers May Be Off.
  • Rules change frequently, always inquire locally before fishing, lobstering, or spearfishing.

Florida Go Fishing, Inc. provides this website as a public service. This data is provided as a tool to increase your fishing, boating and diving enjoyment and is not intended to be used for navigational purposes. Multiple resources were used to create our GPS coordinate lists. We are continually editing and updating our waypoint data to improve positional accuracy and information. Although periodically updated, this information may not reflect the data currently available for purchase on our store and we assume no liability either for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided regardless of the cause of such or for any decision made, action taken, or action not taken by the user in reliance upon any information provided herein. This information is provided only as a courtesy and there are NO guarantees, warranties, expressed or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of this content. We assume no responsibility for location changes or inaccuracies of rules, buoys, hazards, markers, or coordinates. If you find an error or omission in our data, please contact us with the correct information or submit a reef report and we will investigate the discrepancy and make necessary corrections.

Our GPS coordinate lists are DERIVED WORKS created from many sources. Reproduction or distribution of our lists in any format is a violation of Federal law and we will prosecute unlawful use or distribution of our data to the full extent of the law. This webpage is locked to prevent printing and copying of our copyrighted work.

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