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satellite view of hurricane irma over the state of florida

Monster Hurricanes

Monster Hurricanes and the Effects on Reefs and Fishing. read more...

2016 news icon

Artificial Reef Deployments

Highlights of news and events occuring in 2016. Come back often, we will be updating this page throughout the year! read more...

closeup of lionfish on a reef

Lionfish Located Using Florida Go Fishing GPS Numbers!

Florida Go Fishing's GPS Coordinate memory cards put hundreds of numbers on divers GPS units, helping them easily locate reefs, most of which containing lionfish.read more...

super reef module on a barge

First Super Reefs in Florida Deployed in Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association has biggest deployment ever and is first in Florida to deploy new Super Reefs! read more...

Vice President Biden on a coast guard boat

Vice President Biden Visits Southwest Florida

Vice President Biden arrived in Southwest Florida New Years Day to visit his brother on a remote Keewaydin Island in Naples. read more...

eagle ray fish underwater

Endangered Species Act Turns 40

Florida has a lot of endangered and threatened species! The 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 prompted us to investigate what species are protected in Florida. We were surprised at how many are right in our backyards. read more...

lionfish summit 2013 flyer logo

FWC Lionfish Summit

FWC hosted a 3 day Lionfish Summit in October in an effort to bring together experts to share current information on the serious threat lionfish invading our precious resources. read more...

Made in Florida logoCurrent Trends: Made in Florida

Americans need jobs. What better way to create jobs in American than by buying products Made in the USA. We have jumped on this trend and are offering products Made in Florida.

2 swans on a lake

33rd Annual Swan Roundup

Know as the City of Swans, Lakeland Florida loves their swans and rounds them up annually for their physical exams! read more...

image of f-1 engine on sea floor

Apollo F-1 Engines Recovered

The end of a three week mission reveals the recovery of F-1 engines beleived to have been from Apollo 11 on March 20. read more...

horseshoe crabs mating on the beach

Report Horseshoe Crab Spawnings

Going to the Beach? Help biologists monitor spawning horseshoe crabs.

Spinner Shark

Annual Shark Frenzy

Beaches Closed! The Tourists are Scared! The News Reporters Flock to Florida! Sharks are Invading our Beaches! read more...

piles of ghost fishing nets on a boat

Ghost Nets & Traps of the Sea

Ghost nets & traps are everywhere, killing fish, destroying property, and harming our reefs. Marine debris is a problem felt around the world and right here in Florida. read more...

grey metal suitcase with 100 dollar bills coming out

Florida: A Red State with the Smuggler's Blues
Special Series: Smuggling

Bootlegging, Square Groupers, The Cocaine Cowboys, Human Trafficking - Florida is famous for more than it's sunny beaches, the cartoon mouse and the space shuttle. read more...

Bonito fillet closeup

Anglers Trash Sushi Grade Tuna

Two fish of very different species are miss-identified and the one that is sushi grade Tuna is discarded by anglers and used for bait! We caught and cooked this excellent Tuna species and want you to do the same, you won't regret it. read more...

Russians with grenades on a boat

Russians Blow Up Fish with Grenades

A few Russians try blowing up fish with grenades with hysterical results. Watch the live action video of this very stupid attempt to catch some fish.

2 divers with a dive flag during Mini season 2012

Lobster Mini Season 2012 Report

The Florida Lobster Mini Season of 2012 was a success! Lots of Lobsters bagged and no deaths for the first time since 2004. read more...

Logo of the Wounded Warriors

Fish Gigging Tournament for Wounded Warriors

We have heard of some fun fishing tournaments in Florida, this one sounds like it will be a blast! Imagine dozens of boats heading out in the night, spears in hand, lights blazing in the water, all on the hunt for the most fish. read more...

diver cutting a coral piece underwater

Growing New Reefs in South Florida

In Fort Lauderdale endangered Staghorn and Elkhorn Coral are being grown in underwater nurseries and transplanted to create new natural reefs in South Florida. read more...

Woman holding Spotted Seatrout on boat

It's Spring Time Again, Grand Slam Time in the Big Bend

All anglers along the Nature Coast are looking forward to some good springtime fishing. Why? Simple, the gulf water begins to warm up and with the warmer water comes our various species that have been hiding. read more...

Deepsea Challenger sub

The Worlds Deepest Dive

Film maker James Cameron made history as a solo diver to the deepest part of the earth in the custom made Deepsea Challenger sub.

Man with orange gloves on holding a bass

Free Freshwater Fishing Day April 7th

Twice a year anglers have the opportunity to try out freshwater fishing for free, no license required. Why not get out on one of our thousands of lakes and rivers for some great freshwater fishing this holiday weekend? Watch FWC's You Tube Video

Aerial of Tampa's Skyway Bridge

Is Tampa Bay Haunted?

Many unsolved mysteries are attributed to Tampa Bay which has a very colorful history with myths still talked about today. Or are they facts? Is the infamous Hitler still lurking in the depths of Tampa Bay? read more...

Treasure Chest

Modern Day Treasure Hunting

There are thousands of treasure ships around the world loaded with valuable cargo waiting to be discovered. What happens when you find an ancient treasure? Who owns the shipwreck treasures found? read more...

Campers on Keewaydin Island

Barrier Island Camping Disasters

It can be down right hazardous on a barrier island if you don't go prepared. Learn about common mishaps and how to avoid them. Boaters found this out first hand the first weekend of March when a storm blew in sooner than expected. read more...

Dead Whale Shark in Pakistan

Profits from a Dead Whale Shark

In the Pakistani port of Karachi a dead Whale Shark is hauled from the water, sold to an inventor who plans to put the fish on display for 3 days. Internationally a lot of people profited from this spectacle.

2012 Scientific Angler Seminar Series at Rookery Bay

The Ongoing Goliath Grouper Debate

Florida Go Fishing attended the seminar 2012 Scientific Angler Seminar Series. Big Fish Tales: Tagging and Tracking Goliath Grouper in the Gulf of Mexico to learn why the Goliath Grouper is still under strict protection when their populations have exploded and this fish is becoming a nuisance to anglers! read more...

Piano on Sandbar

The Grand Piano Mystery in Biscayne Bay

Somehow a baby grand piano found itself beached on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay. The story went viral as to how this mysterious piano found itself perched on the highest part of a small sand bar. read more...

pelican floating in the water

Pelican Rescue on Naples Pier

Our photo contributor happen to be on Naples Pier and helped to rescue a pelican entangled on an anglers line on Naples Pier. Lucky for us pictures were taken of this amazing rescue. See how a pelican is carefully rescued with our photo story. read more..,

eagle ray flying through the air

Unexpected Visitors in Your Boat

It can happen to you! There are many creatures that would love to come for a visit on your boat. Learn all about these creatures and how to avoid a mishap on our waterways.

Mysterious Priceless Vase

The Case of the Mysterious Priceless Vase

It happens all the time, treasures wash ashore around Florida and the ensuing speculations that follow make for some very interesting stories.

Read the funny story about the vase that washed ashore on Isles of Capri behind the fire station. This article is on our sister site Island Life Florida. read more...