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Okaloosa and Walton Counties Fishing & Dive Sites memory card from florida go fishingThe City of Destin calls itself "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village" and claims to have the largest fishing vessel fleet in the state of Florida. Okalossa County and the Emerald Coast Reef Assoc. are very active in the placement of Artificial Reefs in Okaloosa County, visit their websites for detailed information on reefs in the area. Limestone Ledge reefs are abundant and are part of the DeSoto Canyon where it is the closest to land here than any other part of Florida providing easy access to deep water fishing. Spearfishing is popular in Okaloosa County and allowed everywhere except near bridges, jetties and piers. Just 27 miles south of Destin you will find the best Billfish angling in the Gulf in 300 feet of water; August through October are the best months for Billfish. *NOTE: Some Reefs were moved/destroyed or covered with sand during 1995's Hurricanes Erin and Opal, therefore coordinates may be off.
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Site ID / Reef Name Materials / Description
OK-1 Lindberg Circle Reef 1C Concrete Culverts
OK-2 Lindberg Circle Reef 1E Concrete Culvert Pipes - Destin
OK-3 Anaconda 267'x46' Barge built 1921
OK-4 Lindberg Circle Reef 1A Concrete Culverts
OK-5 Lindberg Circle Reef 1B Concrete Culverts
OK-6 Lindberg Circle Reef 1D Concrete Culverts
OK-7 DEP Flap No Name Reef 1 Concrete Culverts
OK-8 Barnacle Reef 15 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-9 Aquatic Life NE End 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-10 Aquatic Life NE 2 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-11 Aquatic Life SE 2 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-12 Prewitt 80' Tugboat Dep Flap Site
OK-13 Aquatic Life SE 3 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-14 Aquatic Life NE 3 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-15 Aquatic Life SE 4 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-16 Aquatic Life NE 4 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-17 Barnacle Reef 4 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-18 Aquatic Life Center2 4 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-19 Barnacle Reef 14 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-20 Barnacle Reef 13 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-21 Aquatic Life Center 4 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-22 Barnacle Reef 5 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-23 Aquatic Life SW 4 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-24 Aquatic Life NW 4 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-25 Aquatic Life SW 3 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-26 Aquatic Life NW 3 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-27 Aquatic Life SW 2 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-28 Aquatic Life NW 2 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-29 Barnacle Reef 6 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-30 Barnacle Reef 11 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-31 Barnacle Reef 3 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-32 Aquatic Life SE End 4 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-33 Barnacle Reef 12 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-34 Aquatic Life NW End 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-35 Barnacle Reef 2 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-36 Barnacle Reef 9 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-37 Barnacle Reef 7 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-38 Barnacle Reef 1 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-39 Barnacle Reef 10 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-40 Concrete Reefs 250 tons Concrete Culvert Pipes in 6 locations
OK-41 DEP Flap No Name Reef 2 Concrete Culverts
OK-42 Barnacle Reef 8 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-43 DEP Flap No Name Reef 3 Concrete Culverts
OK-44 DEP Flap No Name Reef 4 Concrete Culverts
OK-45 Baskins Barge 80'x40' Tower Barge
OK-46 DEP Flap 220 tons Steel Construction Platform (Loran)
OK-47 DEP Flap - Reefex 14 Reef-Ex Tank 14-Destin M-60 Army Tank
OK-48 Conch Reef SE4 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-49 Conch Reef SE4 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-50 Conch Reef NE4 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-51 Conch Reef SE3 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-52 Conch Reef NE3 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-53 Conch Reef SE2 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-54 Conch Reef NE2 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-55 Conch Reef SE1 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-56 Conch Reef NE1 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-57 DEP Flap No Name Reef 5 Concrete Culverts
OK-58 Monica Lee Tugboat 49' Steel Hull Tugboat
OK-59 Conch Reef NW1 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-60 Conch Reef SW1 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-61 Conch Reef NW2 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-62 Conch Reef SW2 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-63 Conch Reef SW3 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-64 Conch Reef NW3 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-65 Conch Reef SW4 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-66 Conch Reef NW4 2 Pre-Fabricated Concrete Structures
OK-67 DEP Flap - Reefex 13 Reef-Ex Tank 13-Destin M-60 Army Tank
OK-68 Walton Hopper Barge 195'x35'x12' Steel Barge Steel Ballast aka Frangista
OK-69 Frangista Beach Culverts 52 Concrete Culverts
OK-70 Janet - Fish Haven 6 85' Tugboat sits upright
OK-71 Eglin Reef 1 74'x21' Navy Landing Craft LCM8 from Eglin Air Force Base
OK-72 DEP Flap - Reefex 12 Reef-Ex M-60 Battle Tank 12-Destin
OK-73 DEP Flap No Name Reef 6 200 tons Materials Concrete Culverts
OK-74 USACE-Okaloosa Research 1 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-75 USACE-Okaloosa Research 2 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-76 Williams Reef 1D Concrete Culvert Pipes - Valparaiso-Williams
OK-77 Williams Reef 1E Concrete Culvert Pipes - Valparaiso-Williams
OK-78 USACE-Okaloosa Research 3 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-79 USACE-Okaloosa Research 4 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-80 Williams Reef 1C Concrete Culvert Pipes - Valparaiso-Williams
OK-81 USACE-Okaloosa Research 5 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-82 Williams Reef 1A Concrete Culvert Pipes - Valparaiso-Williams
OK-83 DEP Flap - Reefex 11 Reef-Ex Tank 11-Destin 14 M-60 Army Tanks in area
OK-84 Shanskys Reef 3 Steel Cages filled with Tires and Concrete
OK-85 DEP Flap - Reefex 10 Reef-Ex Tank 10-Destin M-60 Army Tank
OK-86 Williams Reef 1B Concrete Culvert Pipes - Valparaiso-Williams
OK-87 C Leg - Center 86 Concrete Ghettos SE NW chain of 13 Sites 200' apart
OK-88 B Leg - Center 78 Concrete Ghettos East West chain of 24 Sites 200' apart
OK-89 Valparaiso Reef 385 tons of Concrete Culvert
OK-90 The Squiggles Large Blue Water Trolling Area 60 miles S of Destin
OK-91 USACE-Okaloosa Research 6 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-92 Valparaiso 3 Concrete Culvert Pipe Sections 9000 SF In Dep Flap
OK-93 DEP Lap Valp 2 65' Steel Hull 5 Mixer Drums 2 Truck Bodies Culverts
OK-94 DEP Lap Valp 1a 39 Pallet Balls
OK-95 USACE-Okaloosa Research 7 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-96 DEP Lap Valp 1b 42 Pallet Balls
OK-97 Fish Haven 3 44 Steel Storage Tanks
OK-98 CSX Reef 1 4 Surplus Boxcars
OK-99 County Site 3a Concrete Tires Appliances PVC Pipe Trees
OK-100 Miss LouiseIcon represents a shipwreck trail site 95' Steel Tug Boat aka Crystal Beach Tug - Great fishing
OK-101 County Site 3 -Reefex 9 Reef-Ex Tank 9 -Destin
OK-102 County Site 3 -Reefex 8 Reef-Ex Tank 8 -Destin
OK-103 Sandflea Reef 12 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-104 Sandflea Reef 8 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-105 Sandflea Reef 6 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-106 Sandflea Reef 10 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-107 Sandflea Reef 7 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-108 Sandflea Reef 9 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-109 Sandflea Reef 5 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-110 Sandflea Reef 11 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-111 Sandflea Reef 27 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-112 Sandflea Reef 13 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-113 Sandflea Reef 24 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-114 Sandflea Reef 26 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-115 Sandflea Reef 14 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-116 Sandflea Reef 25 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-117 Sandflea Reef 4 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-118 Sandflea Reef; Units 64 and 65 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-119 Sandflea Reef; Units 62 and 63 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-120 Sandflea Reef 15 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-121 Sandflea Reef; Units 60 and 61 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-122 Sandflea Reef 21 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-123 Sandflea Reef; Units 58 and 59 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-124 Sandflea Reef 3 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-125 Sandflea Reef 16 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-126 Sandflea Reef 23 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-127 Sandflea Reef 18 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-128 Sandflea Reef 20 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-129 Sandflea Reef 2 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-130 Sandflea Reef 17 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-131 Sandflea Reef 22 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-132 Sandflea Reef 19 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-133 Sandflea Reef 1 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-134 Phoenix Barge 80'x40' Steel Barge aka Lost Barge
OK-135 Urchin Reef; Units 22 and 23 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-136 Urchin Reef; Units 26 and 27 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-137 Urchin Reef; Units 20 and 21 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-138 Urchin Reef; Units 24 and 25 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-139 Urchin Reef; Units 28 and 29 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-140 Urchin Reef; Units 30 and 31 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-141 Urchin Reef; Units 32 and 33 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-142 Urchin Reef; Units 18 and 19 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-143 Urchin Reef; Drop 11 70 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-144 Urchin Reef; Units 42 and 43 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-145 Urchin Reef; Units 44 and 45 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-146 Urchin Reef; Units 54 and 55 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-147 Urchin Reef; Units 46 and 47 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-148 Urchin Reef; Units 16 and 17 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-149 Urchin Reef; Units 48 and 49 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-150 Urchin Reef; Units 38 and 39 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-151 Urchin Reef; Units 36 and 37 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-152 Urchin Reef; Units 56 and 57 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-153 Urchin Reef; Units 52 and 53 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-154 Urchin Reef; Units 50 and 51 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-155 Urchin Reef; Units 34 and 35 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-156 Junes Dunes Reef 50' Steel Boat 25 Reef Balls - storms widely dispersed
OK-157 Urchin Reef; Units 40 and 41 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-158 Urchin Reef; Units 14 and 15 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-159 Urchin Reef; Units 8 and 9 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-160 Urchin Reef; Units 12 and 13 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-161 Urchin Reef; Units 1 and 2 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-162 Urchin Reef; Units 5 1 Walters Tetrahedron
OK-163 Urchin Reef; Units 3 and 4 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-164 Urchin Reef; Units 6 and 7 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-165 Urchin Reef; Units 10 and 11 2 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-166 Eglin Air Force Barge 100' Barge aka Eglin Barge - good bait flounder king
OK-167 Training Reef 750' long Material in line East West
OK-168 County Site 2a Several Piles of Concrete Rubble from Old Destin Bridge
OK-169 County Site 2 - Fish Tanks 14 M-60 Army Tanks - Destin Fish Tanks
OK-170 A Leg - Training Reef; 10 Fathom 106 Concrete Ghettos East West Chain 28 Sites 200' apart
OK-171 CSX Reef 2 4 Surplus Boxcars
OK-172 Bay Cones (Bay) 12 8'x9' Prefab Plastic Resin Cones Choctawhatchee Bay
OK-173 East Pass aka Destin Pass GPS Waypoint access to Choctawhatchee Bay from Gulf
OK-174 Crab Island Sandbar NW of East Pass is a popular anchorage area
OK-175 Okaloosa Deep Water - Lap B 13 6' Fish Havens 5 acre Reef System
OK-176 USACE-Okaloosa Research 8 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-177 Uncle Sam Old Wreck entrance Ben's Lake channel Chactawhatchee Bay
OK-178 USACE-Okaloosa Research 9 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-179 USACE-Okaloosa Research 10 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-180 USACE-Okaloosa Research 11 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-181 USACE-Okaloosa Research 12 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-182 USACE-Okaloosa Research 13 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-183 USACE-Okaloosa Research 14 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-184 USACE-Okaloosa Research 15 Chicken Transport Devices and Metal A Frames
OK-185 Valparaiso 8 18in dia Culverts inside 30in dia Culverts 94 Pairs
OK-186 Destin Reef 2002 57 Fish Haven Modules Various Sizes
OK-187 County Site 1 - Reefex 6 Reef-Ex Tank 6 -Destin M-60 Tank
OK-188 USS Ozark 458'x60' Landing Vehicle LSV2 Mine Layer Target Ship
OK-189 Brown Barge - Ft Walton Barge 200' Barge and Boxcars Rubble
OK-190 County Site 1 - Reefex 5 Reef-Ex Tank 5 -Destin M-60 Tank
OK-191 CSX Reef 3 4 Surplus Boxcars
OK-192 County Site 1 - Pole Spot 1 Pier Rubble from old Okaloosa pier aka The Pole Spot
OK-193 County Site 1 - Reefex 4 Reef-Ex Tank 4 -Destin
OK-194 County Site 1 - Reefex 1 Reef-Ex Tank 1 -Destin
OK-195 County Site 1 - Reefex 2 Reef-Ex Tank 2 -Destin
OK-196 County Site 1 - Reefex 3 Reef-Ex Tank 3 -Destin
OK-197 County Site 1 - Pole Spot 2 Pier Rubble called The Pole Spot
OK-198 County Site 1 - Pole Spot 3 Pier Rubble called Pole Spot
OK-199 Deborah - Okaloosa Spey Reef 135' Steel Hull Tugboat
OK-200 Butler Barge 200' Barge
OK-201 AJs Bimini 12 M-60 Steel Tank Turrets average of 5 coordinates
OK-202 Thomas Hayward 360' Liberty Ship cir 1942 reserve fleet Ft Walton
OK-203 Okaloosa County Lap Site C 1 Center of 14 Fish Havens (4-FHt 5-FH 5-FHJR)
OK-204 Okaloosa County Lap Site C 2 Center of 14 Fish Havens (4-FHt 5-FH 5-FHJR)
OK-205 Okaloosa County Lap Site C 3 Center of 11 Fish Havens (5-FHt 6-FH 0-FHJR)
OK-206 Okaloosa County Lap Site C 4 Center of 15 Fish Havens (5-FHt 5-FH 5-FHJR)
OK-207 Okaloosa County Lap Site C 5 Center of 14 Fish Havens (4-FHt 5-FH 5-FHJR)
OK-208 Angelina B - Destin Vaughn 65' Steel Tug built Holland 1957 aka The Lady Kimberley
OK-209 Starfish Reef Patch 3 16 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-210 Starfish Reef Patch 2 16 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-211 Starfish Reef Patch 4 15 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-212 Chepanoc - Starfish Reef 129'x24'x28' Tugboat
OK-213 Starfish Reef Patch 1 15 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-214 Starfish Reef Patch 5 16 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-215 Starfish Reef Patch 6 15 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-216 Starfish Reef Patch 8 15 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-217 Starfish Reef Patch 7 16 Walters Tetrahedrons
OK-218 Bob Reay Reef - Belize Queen 85' Steel Tugboat
OK-219 Okaloosa Reef Seabarb 75' Steel-Hulled Paddlewheel Boat The Seabarb
OK-220 Destin Deepwater Concrete 2 116 Concrete Pieces 6.8'x 8' and 2.3'x 8'
OK-221 Valparaiso 7 109 Culverts two sizes 5'x8' 2.5'x8''
OK-222 Maritimer 40' Fishing Vessel
OK-223 Sand Dollar Reef 1 110 Concrete Culverts
OK-224 Sand Dollar Reef 28a 31 Fish Havens
OK-225 Sand Dollar Reef 3 110 Concrete Culverts
OK-226 Sand Dollar Reef 4 31 Fish Havens
OK-227 Sand Dollar 7 - Mohawk Chief 93' Tugboat moved by Hurricane Ivan
OK-228 Sand Dollar Reef 5 34 Fish Havens
OK-229 Sand Dollar Reef 28 34 Fish Havens
OK-230 Zuess Tug Tugboat
OK-231 Burgess Barge Steel Barge or 18's Teens Reef old Site 8
OK-232 CSX Reef - Spot 1 4 Surplus Boxcars
OK-233 Barrel Barge Steel Barge with 22 Steel Storage Tanks
OK-234 Okaloosa County Site 8 38 Steel Storage Tanks
OK-235 Whiteman Tug Boat Steel Tug Boat
OK-236 Joseph E Brown 500' Liberty Ship cir 1943 - reserve fleet till 1976
OK-237 Valparaiso 6-C 4'D x 7'L Concrete Culverts
OK-238 Okaloosa County Lap Site C 6 Fish Havens 18 - 6' concrete pyramids
OK-239 Okaloosa County Lap Site C 7 Fish Havens 18 - 6' concrete pyramids
OK-240 Valparaiso 6-A 4'D x 7'L Concrete Culverts
OK-241 Valparaiso 6-B 4'D x 7'L Concrete Culverts
OK-242 Okaloosa County Lap Site C 8 18 Fish Havens
OK-243 Tank Turrets M-60 Steel Tank Turrets average of 7 coordinates
OK-244 Okaloosa Millennium - Lap C 27 6' Fish Havens 30 acre Reef System

D = DEPTH - the depth of water in feet to the bottom in reef area  R = RELIEF - the height that the materials rise above the bottom in feet  Symbol Index Click to go to the Top of Page
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